July 21, 2005

How Cool Is This

Brody Todd is a published author. That's so awesome. According to the publisher's site, Todd kept journals and wrote creatively while on the bus. And with the support of a teacher, was encouraged to write a novel.

The book, Reversing Motion, can be purchased on line here. The book's description:
Meet Chris Valmonte. As a youngster growing up in Buffalo, he witnessed the death of his step-dad and a serious injury to a young girl in a car accident. Chris collapses at the sight, and can''t recall anything about his life for the next five years. Doctors tell him that his mind can’t cope with what he saw, and ''shut down'' as a form of repression through amnesia. From his tenth birthday on, he is deprived of sleep because of relentless nightmares about the crash. Over time, Chris learns to cope with his troubles, and soon gets his life back on track. However, he can''t escape the constant nocturnal reminders of his past, and dismisses the idea that he suffered from amnesia. He, along with his friends, think there is something more ''supernatural'' to his problems, so he decides to visit a palm reader. Nothing is as it seems for Chris, and everything that his visit to the palm reader revealed begins to come true. Chris tries to understand the purpose of his life, and thinks of ways to erase his nightmares. He debates personal questions of predestination and free will, and tries to figure out what’s behind all of the mystery that surrounds his past. What he finds is startling. It''s a race against time for Chris to save himself and the people that he loves from everything that has yet to come.
The site posts a small snippet from the book.

Equally as impressive ... he's studying philosophy right now. A thinker. And, he's working on another book. Way to go Brody!