June 16, 2010

McGinn's Frequent Flyer Experience

This article on Jamie McGinn's up and down, cross-country experience this year. I bet he can pack in a hurry...

From James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail.

Gearing Up For The Draft

Yes, I have been somewhat quiet since the season ended. Other stuff to do. But I have been keeping track of the hype leading to the draft next week and will post some information.

In the meantime, here's an interesting item from TSN.com on the San Jose Sharks. As you know there is quite a relationship between the Sharks and the 67's with Doug Wilson as the GM, Jamie McGinn, Brad Staubitz, Logan Couture and Derek Joslin all with the club. And let's not forget that Lukas Kaspar was there for a while too.

This article mentions all our current alumni with the team and notes both Tyler Toffoli and Ryan Martindale as possible picks at 28th. That would just be too weird to have another 67's go to the club.

For your reading pleasure.