August 30, 2004

More On Wharton/Neil Incident

Listening to the TEAM 1200 this morning, Garry Galley is back co-hosting Sportscall with Dave Gross. A listener phoned in, and asked him what he thought about the Neil incident [since it was at his summer hockey camp].

He said that he's been involved in summer hockey for 18 years, and he has never seen anything like that happen before. He said it was unfortunate. He didn't see it personally, but he knew that Neil was upset, apologized to Wharton, and that Wharton accepted the apology.

He also said that Brian Kilrea and Kyle Wharton have every right to be upset, because it will affect Kyle's training camp and season. He said again that is unfortunate that it happened, and that it shouldn't happen when guys are just trying to prepare for training camp.

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