September 28, 2004

From Today's News Conference

On seats remaining for the opening game:
Jeff Hunt said that there were only 1500 tickets left for this Friday's game against Sudbury. I hope that there is a sell-out for the home opener. So far, the OHL hasn't been drawing like I thought they would. StatsGuy has begun to track attendance for each team, and even though there have only been a few games played (and some home games haven't been played yet), there hasn't been a sell-out. (Note that these attendance numbers from the OHL are far from accurate, but that's what we have to work with.) I think that the Knights are the only team that have come the closest to a sell-out in their building. StatsGuy will be posting his cool graph once he has a little more data in it.

He's such a geek!

But he's my geek.

On Captain Colbert:
Brian Kilrea said that the decision to award the captaincy to Colbert was a logical one. He said that Colbert is like the dad of the team, that all the players go to him with problems. Killer said that Colbert is also well respected by the coaching staff and Jeff Hunt. Everyone likes him. He handles himself well. He is hardworking, doing the things on the ice that aren't pretty, etc . . .

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