September 28, 2004

Interview With Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams, the Director of Business & Community Development for the 67s, was on TEAM 1200 today (SportsCall with Gross and Galley).

There will be a press conference at 2pm today, where Jeff Hunt and Brian Kilrea will be announcing the team promotions for the year, talk about the team, ticket sales, and season ticket base. Williams said they will not be announcing the captain until tonight's ticket pick up dinner (even though Gross thinks they will).

Ticket sales were down last year, but Williams said that they have some good news to deliver this afternoon regarding ticket sales. He said that the 67s have been pleased with the growth of their season ticket base.

When asked if he feels that the 67s will have more fans to the games due to the lock-out, he said that they may have an increase, but they cannot be complacent and expect a huge flow of hockey fans to the Civic Centre. He said they were going to work on marketing packets to businesses that won't be able to use Sens tickets.

Gross asked Williams why the attendance decreases so drastically during play-offs. He said that it is related to the quick turn-around time, and not being able to recruit large group packages. He said they were working on ways to address this.

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