October 18, 2004

Interview With Will Colbert

On the weekly post-w/e captain’s interview via the TEAM 1200/Sportscall (Gross and Galley), Colbert had this to say:

It was good for the guys to come out strong early, and to get the fans on their side.

The defence is getting better every game. It was good to have both Lawrance and Reid back. Everyone is getting better on the blue line.

He felt that the goal-tending was great, and they had the offence working as well.

He hopes the 67s get a few more points this coming w/e, before heading out for the big Western road trip.

Colbert likes to get these big road trips out of the way early. He likes to have home games at the mid to end of the season.

Having a light skate today – no day off. Mondays aren’t usually too hard after having a good w/e.

When asked if Sarnia gets the 67s off their game, Colbert said that they talked about them before the game in the room the younger guys who have not yet seen a western team. The Western teams finish all their checks and come at you hard. He said you just have to play your game, and make sure you play the puck. He says they are a pretty cocky team, pretty chatty, but it doesn’t really phase them.

Red Sox vs Yankees? Red Sox fan. He said he’s not sure if they have something left, but he doesn’t like the Yankees.

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