November 30, 2004

Adding To An Earlier Post

Regarding my previous post about the potential slew foot on Battachio at Saginaw, I found this interesting snippet from The Saginaw News' Spirit Insider, Wednesday, November 10, 2004:

NO SUSPENSION: The Ottawa 67s attempt to have Courtney suspended for taking out their goalie, resulting in an injury to the Ottawa player, fell on deaf ears at the Ontario Hockey League's headquarters in Toronto. A conference call was held Friday between OHL Commissioner David Branch, the league's referee-in-chief Ted Baker, Spirit officials and Courtney. "The video shows Sean definitely took the player's legs out from under him, but you can't determine intent from it," Lidster said. "We determined from the conversation they'd already made their decision (not to suspend him), but they just wanted to talk to Sean to hear his side of it. We pulled Sean in (from the locker room) without telling him what was going on. He told them it was just an accident."

So he did do it . . . he just didn't mean to do it. I just love Google news.

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