November 08, 2004

Mancari And Tsimikalis On TV

So, Mancari and Tsimikalis did make an appearance on The Big Bad Sports Show after all. (See previous post). AJ Jakubec guest hosted.

Mancari and Tsimikalis

Here's what they talked about:

Who's Your Biggest Rival in OHL:

Mancari - Brampton; for beating the 67s last year.

Tsimikalis - Kitchener; similarly, for beating the 67s.

On playing at the Corel Centre:

Mancari - It's intimidating, playing in an NHL rink. Every guys' dream is to play in the NHL, so it is intimidating. But, the boards are different, the ice is different, it's not like playing a home game. No advantage.

Tsimikalis - Agrees with Mark. He separated his shoulder there last year, so he hates the Corel Centre. He also mentioned that Colbert broke his wrist at the Corel Centre, so he doesn't like it that much either. You don't get the same fans, and you can't hear them either.

On the attendance this year:

Tsimikalis - Still getting 7000 fans, but not a sell out. It would be nice to see those sell outs again.

On beating London [yeah, like anyone can]:

Tsimikalis - Thinks they could give them a good run.

Mancari - Has the London dates circled on his calendar, as this is where he is from and expects friends and family to come cheer him on.

On their new line-mates:

Tsimikalis - Playing with Kaspar and Petruzalek for about a month. He's picked up a few Czech words, which were not airable. He feels like he is slowly learning their style, while they are adapting to the NA style. He said that they've learned fundamentals differently, so there is an adjustment. He said that Kaspar and Petruzalek have been on the same team and the same line since they were kids.

Mancari - Playing with Bonello, for about 7 games. Bonello has been getting some points, so things are starting to click. They are also living together, and rooming on the road. Bonello called into the show to give the guys some grief. He said that he lives with a big bum (Mancari). When asked what he brings to the team, AJ quipped "besides the double minors", to which Bonello responded with "hah, that's pretty funny." Mancari said that Bonello works hard, brings it every shift. AJ said that sometimes he goes over the edge, but sometimes you need that.

Corey Locke also phoned in. Apparently, Tsimikalis and Locke were roommates last year and they still talk on the phone regularly. Locke has 7 points (3G,4A) in 9 games with the Bulldogs. He has had to make a bigger adjustment to this level, as the guys are stronger and faster. He also has 23 stitches in his lip.

Another fan (a little girl) phoned in to thank Mancari for sending her a b-day card, and then went on to wish him good luck etc. Mancari looked so sheepish/embarrassed. I'm sure he got ragged about it by the boys, but it was a sweet thing to do for a fan.

The team is getting ready for this Friday, when they will host P-borough. Finally, we get to see some of the teams in our division.

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