December 13, 2004

Interview With The Captain, "No excuses"

Colbert had the usual post-w/e interview with The TEAM 1200/Garry Galley and Dave Gross. He came right out saying they had no excuses for the team’s performance this w/e. They played bad, period. He said they had a brief player’s meeting after the game, but didn’t give details. He said that the team needs to forget about what happened this w/e and move on. [I don't agree with this --- I think they need to remember everything about it: Use it as a learning tool. Use it to grow from. Don't pretend it didn't happen . . .] Gross asked Colbert what Kilrea said to the team when he went into the room after the game, and Colbert said Kilrea didn’t say much, in fact he was speechless. Both Gross and Galley say that a big trade may be brewing. Colbert said that he is sure that Kilrea is looking, as he is always looking to make positive changes for the team.

I’m worried that the team has taken on some sort of collective self-esteem/confidence problem. Mancari had a brief comment prior to the televised game on Rogers broadcast the other night, that the reason they didn’t play well ‘away’, was that they didn’t have as much confidence in away team barns. That when the opposition fans cheered for the home team scoring etc., it really drained the 67s’ energy. This is not good. You have to learn to take that negative energy, and use it for fuel. It makes me wonder if the team will only continue to get worse: when they start playing so dreadfully at home, the loyal home crowd quiets and at worst, begins leaving early (I’m sure the players can see the lines filing up the staircases). The thing is, if the 67s aren’t going to make an attempt (which is what it looks like to the fans), then the fans aren’t going to sit there and cheer or come to games. It’s depressing. At least try, for the love of pete! We know you’re not going to win every game, and don’t expect you to. But we do expect you to work hard, play your position, don’t sulk, remain challenged, in short . . . don’t give up!

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