December 10, 2004

Tsimikalis Returning To Ottawa

Article in the Ottawa Sun by Barre Campbell on the reception Tsimikalis is expecting to receive when he returns to Ottawa with his new team, the Oshawa Generals, tonight (General reception?). A few interesting snippets:

Peter Tsimikalis doesn't know what to expect when he arrives at the Civic Centre tonight as a member of the visiting team.

A pleasant reception from the good fans of Ottawa ... or a couple of rotten tomatoes?

"I've been talking about it with some of the guys, and I think I might get booed," said Tsimikalis, the ex-67's centre who'll be in the Oshawa Generals lineup for tonight's tilt against Ottawa.


"Fortunately, I left on good terms," said Tsimikalis. "I don't know if the fans know that, and maybe they don't really know what went on behind the scenes. But no matter what, they're entitled to their opinion."

I'll be one on the cheering side. I understand that not every player and coach will get along. People have different personalities and characteristics, and what works for one may not work for another. I certainly don't think of Tsimikalis as some sort of traitor to Ottawa. Like he said, we don't really know what went on behind the scenes - we may have an idea, but we're not the principal players in this situation. I've lived long enough to know that some people just rub each other the wrong way, and the best case is to move on to a better fit. I hope that he does well with his new team, and that he makes it to the next level. And if anyone around me boos, well I'll just cheer louder.

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Too bad said...

Just like to say I told you so... I remember having endless blogs about Peter Tsimikalis vs. Bryan Bickell, my position is Bryan had all the tools to make it to the NHL, and that Peter T would go nowhere.... well 9 years later... you were right, it is obvious we know nothing about hockey is enough. The were talks that Peter T should be on the first line and that he was good enough to be on a first line on a Mem Cup Team. We argued at the time, he would be (At best) a third line centre on a winning team. Looks like we were right, you were wrong.

The only upsetting part, although Bryan Bickell has won the Stanley Cup, I would have expected him to be a more physically dominating player. He was a get skater, had a big league shot (in Jr), was perhaps the best hitter (when he hit) that I have seen come through the 67s since I had been a season ticket holder (which was only about 5 yrs, agreed). He really had all the tools to be a difference maker in the NHL, but for whatever reason never got there. I had heard many people say perhaps he was not the brightess lite in the shed, and perhaps that has contributed to our disappointment, but it was obvious to us, that he was far better and certainly had more talent that Peter Tsimikilis... those that did not think so, obviously do not know hockey.