January 31, 2005

Interview With The Captain, “We finally went undefeated on the road.”

Notes from the regular post-w/e interview with Colbert on TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley. [paraphrasing] We finally went undefeated on the road. I think that it’s the first time all year that we put together an undefeated streak on the road. Yes, the team is starting to gel, and it’s definitely a good time to get this going. This was our first meeting this year with Brampton, so we wanted to set the tone for the rest of the meetings. We started to let it slip away in the third, but we pulled it together. Everyone was working as hard at they could, and with that comes success. We were wining the little battles. We made some trades and got a little tougher, and guys have a little bit more room to do things. [On Staubitz making some news with his fight over Prust] I think that he broke his jaw in two places. [/paraphrasing]

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