February 25, 2005

Quick Update

Listening to Dave Schreiber on the TEAM 1200/Dean Brown and Gord Wilson talking about the 67s and the first game of the road trip tonight. Some notes:

Battochio will get the start. Guadagnolo possibly to get one start, but not for sure. Mancari is out, of course. But Lawrance is still experiencing some wooziness, and will be a game-time decision. (He’ll take the pre-game warm up and then decide.) This will leave Bonello without his line-mates. If Lawrance is out of the game, it is likely that McGinn and Alphonso will move up. And Jarram may possibly get some forward shifts.

And the worst bit of news . . . OHL govs have voted in new rules for next year including the dreaded Shoot Out. YUCK!!!

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