March 09, 2005

Game Recap at Kingston (8-Mar)

67s win 6-3 over the Frontenacs. See OHL game summary here. And Kingston has a game summary on their site which can be found here.

From SLAM! Sports, 67's overtake Frontenacs. (They have the final score wrong (6-4), but the correct attribution of Kingston goal scorers - Emmerton 2G and Futers 1G.)

The game was broadcast on radio only (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec).

AJ had an interview with Brad Staubitz during the 1st intermission:
  • On the 2 wins: Coming back to our home rink we knew we had to work hard and put something together. We worked hard and we battled and we came out victorious.
  • On Mancari being back: For sure he’s a big player. He had three goals.
  • On Brad’s great game against Kitchener: It was a good game, a hard-nosed game. I just stepped it up and [Mike] Richards was playing well so I had to step it up. He’s a player that if you give him room he’s going to capitalize.
  • On poor road record: Not too sure why we’re not playing too well on the road. We just need to focus and play like we do at home.
  • On home ice for play-offs: Definitely a goal of our team is to get home ice. Like tonight and the three games this w/e we’ll have to work hard.
  • On being in Ottawa: I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great organization. The guys are great to play with, so the transition was really easy.
* Forwards: McGinn, Talbot, Hulit; Bickell, Bonello, Mancari; VanderVeeken, Petruzalek, Kaspar; Lawrance, Ouellette, Alphonso.
* Defensive pairings: Colbert, Joslin; Staubitz, Reid; Van Herpt, Beard.
* Starting in goal: Battochio. Guadagnolo on the bench.
* Scratches: Akeson (inj-wrist, Achilles), Lahey (inj-concussion), Spezza (healthy), and Jarram (healthy?).

First period. Seemed like the 67s came out with energy. They were getting some chances. They had a couple of penalties, and Mancari had a good short-handed chance during one. Bonello scored to get the 67s on the board first. AJ said that Kingston was playing sloppy, with bad passing. Davis made some great saves. SOG were 15 for Ottawa and 12 for Kingston at the end of the period. Ottawa up 1-0.

Second period. Similar to the first period in energy. McGinn scored – “a hard working drive to the net,” said AJ – to put the 67s up 2-0. McGinn has been rocking lately. But Kingston got a few chances: Griffith-KIN hit the goalpost – “he had Battochio beat,” Schriebs said. “Battochio’s been a rock,” said AJ. He also said that the demeanor of the Kingston players heading to the bench with their heads down showed a loss of confidence. Another goal for Ottawa – scored by Mancari from a pass off of Bonello. “The 67s look to have this one very much in control,” said AJ. The 67s go up 3-0. This goal, number 30, is a career-high for Mancari. Frontenacs were playing very sloppy defensively. SOG were for 9 (24) Ottawa and for 15 (27) Kingston. 67s leading 3-0.

Third period. A shot by Staubitz almost made it 4-0, but it hit the post. Then Emmerton-KIN scored off of a rebound from Smolenak, making it 3-1. Bonello took a dumb penalty, but they got through it. Mancari scored again – his second of the game – to make it 4-1, but right away Futers-KIN scores (4-2). Emmerton scores again, making it 4-3. “The 67s are struggling mightily in their own end,” Schriebs said. The Frontenacs started putting out 4 forwards. Bonello scored on the backhand to give the 67s a 5-3 lead with 1:46 left in the third period. Kingston pulled Davis with just over a minute to go. Mancari scored an empty net goal – a hat trick! 6-3 Ottawa. And that’s it. Ottawa wins 6-3, all but confirming a play-off spot. (Kingston would have to win all 6 of their remaining games, and Ottawa would have lose all 5 of their remaining games for Ottawa not to make the play-offs.) Final SOG were 38 for Kingston and 29 for Ottawa.

It’s really hard to give individual props when you don't actually see the game, but a few guys from each team really stood out in this match up. For Ottawa, who else could it be? Mancari, Mancari, Mancari*. Another hat trick. Plus 2A. Incredible. And his linemate Bonello’s 2G and 2A stand out. And of course, Battochio made his usual great saves, especially when the Fronts started pressing in the third.

*A quick update 3.9.2005 at 1700h by Sid* Listening to the TEAM 1200/Dean Brown and Gord Wilson this afternoon. They were talking with Lee Versage, who made the road trip to Kingston last night to watch the game. Versage said that Mark (Mancari) had been at home in London with his family (d/t the passing of his grandmother). Apparently he drove to Kingston for the game last night, scored a hat trick plus 2 A, then got back in his car and drove to London to be home for the funeral today. Wow. I hope that he gets some rest this week – physically and mentally. He’s been going at top speed for a few days now, both with the team and in his personal life. Again, thoughts are with him and his family.

Emmerton had a strong game. It looked like the Fronts were making a comeback, and Emmerton’s 2 goals certainly helped. His linemates Shutron and Smolenak deserve recognition for their contribution. They really put the pressure on the 67s, and for a bit I thought Kingston was going to come out ahead in this one. Davis appeared to make some good saves in the beginning of the game.

1, Bonello, (23) (Mancari, Reid), 12:08
2, McGinn, (7) (Hulit), 07:40
2, Mancari, (30) (Bonello), 16:43
3, Mancari, (31) (Bickell, Bonello), 09:09
3, Bonello, (24) (Mancari, McGinn), 18:14
3, Mancari, (32) (Joslin), 18:55 (EN)

3, Emmerton, (14) (Shutron, Smolenak), 05:56
3, Futers, (3) (Pronk), 09:19
3, Emmerton, (15) (Shutron, Smolenak), 12:18

OHL three stars were: (1) Mancari, (2) Emmerton-KIN, and (3) Bonello.

TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Mancari (he was flying again for the 67s), (2) Bonello (brought his A-game tonight), and (3) Emmerton (great play from this 16 year old).



3.11 – Friday 7:00pm – home vs Brampton.
3.12 – Saturday 4:00pm – home vs Kingston.
3.13 – Sunday 7:00pm – home vs Mississauga. This is another game change from afternoon to evening to accommodate Rogers Sportsnet.

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