March 15, 2005

Interview With The Captain, “We have a lot of confidence and this a good time of year to have that.”

Some notes from Colbert’s usual post-w/e interview on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley yesterday (3.14.2005) [paraphrasing]:

On the national TV coverage: It was a nice treat the last two weeks being on national TV.

On the game last vs Mississauga: We’ve got a nice rivalry going there.

On Mississauga’s 2 quick goals being a game-turning point: They weren’t great goals. I think they were lucky goals but they put us behind for sure.

On what Killer said during the 2nd intermission in the game vs Kingston Saturday: Nothing in particular, but Killer gave us a little talking to. We knew we could come back, not sure we could score seven goals though [chuckle].

On playing well this past w/e: We have a lot of confidence and this a good time of year to have that. We’re going to take a couple of days off and stay away from the rink until Wednesday.

On Mancari’s play of late: Mancari deserves all the credit he’s been getting lately. The last two games he’s hasn’t been getting the same chances. Talbot got his line going like they were around Christmas. With Jamie McGinn on the left wing, he’s been playing great. He’s been incredible.

On McGinn: He’s real responsible. He gets the puck out. That’s the thing with rookies. He starts in his own end responsible with the puck and that’s how you gain Killer’s confidence.

[Anthony Stewart is the most difficult player he’s played against.]

On assignments: Joslin and I usually play with Talbot, and Talbot usually plays against their top line. It’s a big task most nights, but I like playing against the top line.

On playoff seating: If we play like we did most of the w/e it’s wide open. We’re not going to finish in the top two, but third’s not out of the questions. It’s wide open for sure. [/paraphrasing]

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