March 08, 2005

Interview With The Captain, “We wanted to wipe last weekend from our minds.”

In his usual post-w/e interview with the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Jeff Hunt yesterday (3.7), Colbert had the following to say about the w/e: [paraphrasing]

Everything is good today. We definitely came out with a lot more enthusiasm and energy. We wanted to wipe last w/e from our minds. It was two great wins this w/e. It was great.

On the game being a nationally televised event: There’s always a tiny bit more motivation when people Canada wide are going to see it. The more motivation the better. We came out really hard yesterday.

Jeff Hunt asked how Colbert liked playing Sunday night instead of afternoon? I think it made the atmosphere more like a Friday night game, and we usually play better Friday night. It was a nice change and it went well for us.

On Mike Richards-KIT: He had some great battles with Staubitz. He’s a lot of fun to watch. He was great on the Canada World Junior team. [Jeff Hunt on Mike Richards: He’s always more fun to watch than play against.]

On Staubitz being physical against Richards: That’s what he does. He holds his own real well in the defensive zone.

On the coming week: It’s a huge game on Tuesday and a busy week for sure. I think that if we can take the Kingston game we will definitely make the playoffs.

Playing in the home rink is so important. The rink, the atmosphere, the crowd is always behind us. It makes a big difference. But, teams who don’t play in front of big crowds get up a bit more for it. I think that was what happened for the Corel Centre game in front of 20 000. That’s why it’s important to score first. When we score a goal the whole building erupts. It must be really intimidating to the other team.

There aren’t a lot of guys left on the team from two years ago. But someone piped up before the game and said that we have to get back at Kitchener for knocking us out of the finals two years ago. [/paraphrasing]

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