March 21, 2005

Interview With The Coach, “. . . in the playoffs every play is important.”

Some notes from the usual post-w/e interview with Killer on TEAM 1200/Dean Brown and Gord Wilson.

“It’s been a busy day,” Killer said. He’s been busy rescheduling everything from buses, rooms, meal schedules, ice availability etc. He said, “Barrie has been really good in dealing with us.” They’ve had to work around the availability of the ice. “We were really happy in terms of the building situation, because we didn’t have ice for 5 days there.”

Killer said he was happy with the team’s efforts of late. “We finished up 6-1-1 in our last 8 games. We came down the stretch pretty good, but so did the other teams and that prevented us from getting home ice.”

The team had a light skate today. “Mainly I called a practice today, which was going to be a light practice, because there was some injuries and I wanted them to get some treatment.”

Regarding injuries, Killer said, “both VanderVeeken and Petruzalek could have played yesterday. Alphonso came out of yesterday’s game, and Van Herpt went hard into the boards.” Killer said that the injuries are down to a minimum, and that with a day or two of rest and a light skate they’ll be a hundred percent healthy.

They’re going to go over tapes tomorrow, of all the games they played against Barrie.

He’s happy with the goaltending, but stressed that Barrie didn’t get ahead of them with good goaltending. “Whoever has the hot hands wins.”

“You want players to be more responsible in your own end. You think that you can cheat a little, to get that extra goal. You just have to remember that in the playoffs every play is important.”

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