March 31, 2005

ROUND 1 GAME 3 – Barrie at Ottawa (30-Mar) – Ottawa Takes Series Lead, 2-1

67s win 3-2 over Barrie, and an interesting win it was. The 67s started things off by scoring within seconds (0:18 by Colbert) and then ended in a similar fashion by scoring with seconds left in the third (0:20 by Mancari). The 67s put forth one last surge before OT and Mancari scored a big one – controversial from Barrie’s viewpoint: they questioned a highstick – but it counted, and that’s all that mattered to Ottawa in the end. The win was due to a combination of Battochio’s stellar goaltending and puck luck for the 67s, a little less to do with their energy – they seemed to sit back a bit at times and also take needless penalties. Barrie worked hard throughout the game, and the loss, especially with OT looming, had to hurt. I think that Battochio is single-handedly going to pull the 67s through this round. See OHL game summary here.

From the Barrie Advance, Colts in tough against Ottawa 67s. [Written prior to Game 3]

From SLAM! Sports, 67's rally late vs. Colts.

From the Barrie Examiner Gene Pereira writes, A heartbreaker for the Colts. Snippets:

The loss was a tough pill to swallow for the Colts, who came up with a solid effort, but, thanks in large part to Battochio, now find themselves trailing the best-of-seven series 2-1 heading into Game 4 here on Friday night.

[. . .]

But the Colts believed the winner came as a result of a high stick and shouldn’t have counted. Staubitz’s point drive was first tipped in front by Brad Bickell, who appeared to have his stick up, but apparently not enough. Referee Scott Oakman didn’t whistle the play down and Mancari pounced on the rebound for the winner.

From the Ottawa Citizen Wayne Scanlan writes, 67's find way to win one they needed.

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, He's right on the Mark. Interesting snippet:

It was suggested to Williamson that most of the officiating calls last night went against the Colts.

"You tend to find that in this building," he replied. "You don't get any breaks in here. That's why it's a tough building coming into. Referees don't like nine million people yelling at them.

"It's a lively crowd and we just didn't get any breaks that way."

Little held no grudge against Oakman. "I'm not going to sit here and blame it on the referees," he said. "At points in the game, I thought they outplayed us and when they outplayed us, they usually scored on their chances."

Suggested by whom I wonder . . . Maybe there is something to that “nice understanding” thing.

And also from the Ottawa Sun Don Brennan writes, 67's McGinn has step on foes.

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Rogers Television Ottawa (22)/ Scott MacArthur, Ed Hand, and Lee Versage).

*Forwards: McGinn, Talbot, Hulit; Bickell, Bonello, Mancari; Akeson, Petruzalek, Kaspar; VanderVeeken, Ouellette, Alphonso.
*Defensive pairings: Colbert, Joslin; Staubitz, Reid; Van Herpt, Beard.
*Starting in net: Battochio. Guadagnolo on the bench.
*Scratches: Spezza (healthy), Jarram (healthy), Lawrance (healthy), Kiriakou (healthy), and Lahey (concussion).

1, Colbert, (1) (Hulit, McGinn), 00:18
1, McGinn, (1) (Staubitz, Joslin), 15:35 (PP)
3, Mancari, (2) (Staubitz, Bickell), 19:40

1, Little, (3) (Tremblay, Hotham), 14:07 (PP)
3, Little, (4) (Hotham, Plastino), 13:01

OHL three stars were: (1) Mancari, (2) Hisey-BAR, and (3) McGinn.

TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Staubitz, (2) Little-BAR, and (3) Battochio.



Friday night in Ottawa.

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