March 22, 2005

Sid’s Pics

*Added 5.13.2005*

From Playoffs, OHL Finals Game 4, against London (5.12)

The 67s – and fans – celebrate after scoring.
Lawrance smiling, Mancari giving him props after scoring.
Close up: the only smile seen on the 67s for the rest of the night.

*Added 4.27.2005*

From regular season, against Brampton (3.11)

Staubitz [3.11.2005].

*Added 4.24.2005*

From Playoffs, Conference Finals Game 2, against Peterborough (4.23)

Conference Finals!
Battochio's got things under control.
Bickell trying to get out of the Petes' bench.
67s win Game 2!
Akeson, the hero of Game 1.
Bickell shoots.
It’s not just Killer who gets to ‘talk’ w/refs during the game!

*Added 4.18.2005*

From Playoffs, Round 2 Game 6, against Sudbury (4.17)

One shot, one goal . . . off to a great start.
First goal celebration.
Bonello scores, everyone celebrates!
Stortini takes out both Ottawa D-men at the same time!
Battochio out to congratulate his teammates.
Ottawa wins Game 6!
Nice to see Beard back in the line up.
Beard lines it up . . . and shoots.
Captain Colbert.

*Added 4.14.2005*

From Playoffs, Round 2 Game 4, against Sudbury (4.13):

Alphonso got things started!
Ehelechner makes a save!
Battochio comes out to congratulate Hulit, Talbot.
Battochio ready . . . and calm and collected.
Mancari gets a chance, Ehelechner makes the save.
Ottawa wins Game 4 - Woo Hoo!
Bickell’s having a great series.
Ouellette takes the face-off.
Hulit, the SH goal-scoring king.
Staubitz, OHL tough guy!
McGinn, fits in well on top line.

*Added 4.12.2005*

From Playoffs, Round 2 Game 3, against Sudbury (4.11):

Ottawa scores their first!
Beech out, Ehelechner in.
Positioning . . .
Sprawling . . .
Reid stands by . . .
Stopping the puck.
Petruzalek scores!
. . . and back comes Beech.
Colbert and Chaumont, Beer in the background.
Bonello, upset with a call against him.
McGinn, shooting the puck.
Petruzalek, first star!

*Added 3.22.2005*

From game against Peterborough (3.18):

Battochio comes out of net to offer congrats on a goal, 3.18.2005
Petruzalek coming back to the bench, 3.18.2005

From final game of regular season against Kingston (3.20):

Kaspar waiting for the puck, 3.20.2005
Davis-KIN in good position, 3.20.2005
Talbot wins the face-off, 3.20.2005
Mancari works for the puck, 3.20.2005
Ottawa wins last regular season game, 3.20.2005

From the game against Kitchener (3.6):

Nice ice: Civic Centre, 3.6.2005
Petruzalek and Richards-KIT face-off, 3.6.2005

From the game against Peterborough (2.18):

Battochio in the net, 2.18.2005

And from the game against Mississauga (2.11):

Bonello getting ready for a face-off, 2.11.2005

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