March 07, 2005

Still Working On The Recaps . . .

Whew. It’s been a biz-zay w/e: part 2 of the Annual Kitchener/Ottawa Family Reunion Extravaganza (see here). And as an aside, my heartfelt thanks to the 67s for coming out ahead of the Rangers in the regular season meetings (a tie in Kitchener and a win yesterday), thus providing StatsGuy and myself the opportunity to boast over our Kitchener family, until next year . . .

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to blog until now, so I've got quite a back up of posts (almost) ready to go. Working on:

* the game recap for Barrie (4-Mar),

* the game recap for Kitchener (6-Mar),

* the interview with Captain Colbert from this morning with Dave Gross and Jeff Hunt, and

* the Interview with Killer from this afternoon with Dean and Gord.

I’ve updated the Eastern Conference standings post-w/e, and there was some movement (Mississauga up, Brampton down).

PLUS - I’ve been taking some pics at the games, and I’ve been fiddling with them (cropping and sizing) to get them blog-worthy. I’d like to post some of those soon too.

Better get to work . . .

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