April 22, 2005

Interview With Brad Staubitz, “Everybody was excited to see him get that goal. He’s been working really hard.”

Summary of interview with Brad Staubitz on TEAM1200/Dean Brown and Gord Wilson this afternoon. They caught Brad as he was preparing to get out on the ice for a practice. [paraphrasing]

(On the win last night) It was a big game. Its always good to come away with it, we were not sure what to expect from Peterborough. To come out with an OT win, it just sparks the team.

(On Akeson/Petruzlak/Kaspar line) They were really playing well. They were clicking. They came out last night and played well for us.

(On his contribution, like hits at key times) There are turning points. I wouldn’t say the hit, but the way they capitalized on it. A big goal or even a fight can turn things around.

(On Kaleta being a pest) Oh yeah, Kaleta gets under the boys skin. That’s part of his game and he does it well. It’s just so frustrating to play against him. We just have to work hard and not let him suck us in, stay disciplined around him. (Dean: I call him weasel, but I’m sure you’ve got other names for him) Oh, we’ve got a few names for him. . .

(On Peterborough playing nervous, affecting their play) They came out working hard. The atmosphere in that arena was great. They were finishing their checks and working hard. They’re definitely a talented team. Some of their forwards didn’t have too many chances. They definitely came out hard in their barn.

(On how the 67s’ defence limited those chances) Just staying together as a core. Working well with your partner. The forwards did a great job of coming back, helping out. The last two series Danny’s been carrying us there. Making big saves and giving us confidence. Yesterday we were holding it down. Trying to shut down their top line and helping Danny there.

(On Bickell’s comments on Peterborough, did you see it and say “oh no”) Yeah, definitely. Bickell’s home town is not too far from there. He means nothing by it. I knew they’d react to it, especially when they were introducing us, the crowd gave him a pretty big boo.

(On finally winning in Peterborough’s rink) It’s something we needed to do as a group, to know that we can play well in their barn. It’s a hard rink to play in. But if we play smart and disciplined, hopefully on Monday we can do just as well.

(On series schedule, one to one). Don’t really have a preference. This gives a chance, now we’re back in our rink, that we can really get a roll going.

(On Akeson getting back into line up) Everybody was excited to see him get that goal. He’s been working really hard. It’s been hard for him this year, not playing [w/injury]. He’s a great leader on and off the ice. It was great to see him score that for the team.


Staubitz [4.17.2005]

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