April 13, 2005

Interview With Brad Staubitz, “The fans are unbelievable.”

Summary of the interview with Brad Staubitz on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley this morning [paraphrashing]:

(The hit to Mancari) Oh it was really unfortunate. I was already in the penalty box. It was just too bad. I don’t know what to say other than that. It just shocked everyone because after watching the video of it, it resembled the Bertuzzi incident.

We’ve just got to get past that and go out and play hockey tonight.

A lot of times the other teams get red lights from the coaches. They know that guys are coming out and looking to fight and get things going. Our team, at that point in the game, having a fight would not benefit our team.

There is a line you can’t really cross.

(What do you do when you want to go but they don’t?) If there is no one looking to fight, then you don’t. Happened to me twice with a guy from Peterborough, Kaleta. I dropped my gloves and he didn’t go - what do you do? Pick your gloves back up (chuckles).

Bickell came in after the incident, and he [Musselman] was the first person to throw punches with Bickell’s gloves still on.

We need to keep playing hard, battling hard, just going as we are.

(Asked is he knows about the threads on Noof that talk about him as one of the OHL’s tough guys) Yeah, I get phone calls from my friends that are reading Noof. I get them to tell me what they’re saying.

(About the tussle with Stortini Monday night.) It was a pretty good fight. He’s a tough boy and he’s not going to back down. That’s why we clash heads all the time. It was good to get it done. I think it sparked both teams.

When we were tying up in the fight and he was trying to get set up to throw. I was trying to throw right off the start and he was trying to set up.

(Told that only a few tics left for tonight’s game – fan support) The fans are unbelievable. Every time you’re on the ice, even just a hit, they’re going wild. It just motivates the team to keep going. [/paraphrasing]

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