April 15, 2005

OHL Decision Comes Down Hard Against Musselman, Wolves

Wow. Musselman has been expelled from the OHL for the remainder of his eligibility AND the team fined $10,000. The official release from the OHL [link]:

OHL Announces Disciplinary Action

Created: Apr 15, 2005

The Ontario Hockey League today announced the results of its review of an incident which occurred in a game played in Sudbury on the 11th of April, 2005 involving the Sudbury Wolves and the Ottawa 67’s. The incident in question involved player Kyle Musselman of the Wolves who was assessed a match penalty for a deliberate attempt to injure as the result of his punch to the face of unsuspecting 67’s player Mark Mancari.

In making the announcement, Commissioner David Branch stated…

"It is noted that player Kyle Musselman has previously been the subject of discipline involving conduct unbecoming a player in this League and inappropriate to the values of the League.

"The League is extremely concerned with the pattern of conduct of player Musselman and with the effect of this incident in particular. The League has expressed previously and has been consistent in its message that we are extremely concerned about blows to the head. This incident is a dramatic illustration of what the League must not tolerate. Fortunately, player Mark Mancari was able to play in his team’s next game.

"As a result, player Kyle Musselman is expelled from the League for the balance of his junior eligibility.

"At any time after January 1st, 2006, the League would consider an application by player Musselman for permission to play in a league (other than the OHL) that honours suspensions or expulsions by the Ontario Hockey League.

"There was no evidence before the League that Coach Mike Foligno directed player Kyle Musselman to be involved in an incident of this sort. However, the League believes that the Club did not exercise proper supervision and control in the circumstances, having regard to the record of player Kyle Musselman. Accordingly, the League has imposed a fine on the Sudbury Wolves Hockey Club in the amount of $10,000.00.

"We recognize that the sanction both on the player and the club is significant, however, we must find a way to deter such actions and in fact remove such actions from our game."

Now that’s a deterrent.

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