April 29, 2005


As expected London finished it off tonight at home, winning the Western Conference Trophy, aka the Wayne Gretzky Trophy. So Ottawa will be going to the Memorial Cup. Wow. That's so awesome. I'm so happy for them. They've worked very hard over the last few weeks, and it's obviously paid off. We all knew at the beginning of the season, that whichever team won the East would get to go to the big dance. Talk about an experience of a lifetime. The Memorial Cup. Wow.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there is another round and another important trophy to win. The OHL Championship. I think that we fans in Ottawa have been very spoiled, with the 67s winning all their home games and the overall respectfulness of each of the series in the Eastern Conference (that one incident aside). This last match between London and Kitchener was a pretty nasty affair, with suspensions and fines and crazy barbs back and forth. I think we in the East better get prepared to experience some of this. And the team better get ready to be absolutely frustrated out of their gourds. C. Perry has got to be the biggest whiner/diver in the league, and he's obviously taught his brother well if his performance tonight was any indication. They'll need to be extra disciplined, keeping emotions under tight control, funnelling anger and frustration into goal scoring.

The schedule is out and the OHL has posted it on their website here:

SportChek OHL Championship
J. Ross Robertson Cup

Game 1 Fri May 6 LON 7:30pm
Game 2 Sun May 8 LON 2:00pm
Game 3 Tue May 10 OTT 7:00pm
Game 4 Thu May 12 OTT 7:00pm
Game 5 Sat May 14 LON 7:00pm*
Game 6 Mon May 16 OTT 7:00pm*
Game 7 Tue May 17 LON 7:00pm*
* if necessary

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