April 16, 2005

ROUND 2 GAME 5 – Ottawa at Sudbury (15-Apr) – Sudbury Wins 6-2, Series (3-2) Returns To Ottawa Sunday For Game 6

The 67s lose 6-2 to the Wolves. A disappointing showing by the 67s, but a strong game by the Wolves. See OHL game summary here. See also the 67s’ playoff site here. And the Wolves’ main page here.

From SLAM! Sports, Musselman's junior career over, and also Wolves live another day. From the Ottawa Citizen Chris Yzerman writes, Wolves bite back in Game 5. A couple of quotes:

''I think obviously they realized their backs were against the ropes. It was do-or-die for them and they played that way,'' said 67's centre Brad Bonello, who managed one of Ottawa's goals on a third-period penalty shot. ''It's their home rink, they play really well in their home rink and they just came out in the first 10 minutes and took it to us with the body.''

[. . .]

''We made errors on every goal,'' Battochio said. ''Coughing it up in our end, stuff like that. We can't let that happen.''

Also from the Ottawa Citizen, Musselman's OHL days seem over [Sub req]. From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Wolves bite back.

More as it’s published . . .

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and thankfully television (Rogers Television 22/Scott MacArthur, Ed Hand, and Lee Versage). A few notes from Schreibs and AJ:
* Both not surprised with the discipline handed out by Dave Branch.
* Beech to get the start tonight.
* 67s are going to have to start helping Danny out; SOG way too high.
* Reid’s out with an ankle injury. Beard’s back though.

(Thoughts on Game 4) We had a 2-0 lead and they came back and put pressure on, they were working hard. We got an opportune goal, a SH goal and that was big for us.
(Hulit and Talbot working hard on reg line/PP/PK) They’ve been doing that for a long time – some people may not have noticed. As far as I’m concerned all lines contributed or we wouldn’t be here.
(On Sudbury’s game plan) They’re going to be working as hard as they can. They want to come out and establish . . . if they come out and put pressure on us they feel they can win.
(The importance of winning tonight) The importance is if you can do it, do it. Realize that Sudbury is in the position to win. They just have to put pressure back on us. I think it’s going to be a tough game.
(On Reid’s injury) Well we have no idea and that’s something that will be determined from Elgin’s healing and whatever. All I know is that we don’t have him tonight.
(On Van Herpt) We’re lucky enough to have a fellow like Van Herpt and Brody Beard to give us more depth.
(On disciplinary decision) Whatever happened, happened. I don’t have any comment on it. Just that the League was going to make a decision and they did.

(Thoughts on Game 4) The second period really took it away from us with the two quick goals, back-to-backers. It really took the wind out of our sails. The third period we had a lot of chances. With 50 shots on net you’d think that you’d have some chances. Battochio did a really good job.
(On tonight’s game plan) More of the same, well the offence more of the same. But we need to do a better job of not allowing Ottawa the rush. They have a lot of creative guys that can get on the rush. We need to take the attack away from them as much as possible, keep the puck low, have a third man back, and be aware when exiting the zone.
(On who will be starting in goal) We put our goaltender in a bad spot starting him in the last game. The only win we’ve had is with Kevin Beech in net, and we’re going to go back to him.
(On the disciplinary decision) I’m very disappointed obviously with the whole incident. In fact I just spoke with Kyle Musselman’s family and they are very distraught. I haven’t spoken with Kyle yet – he’s on his way in. It’s not very good for both parties, obviously. A young man made a mistake and hopefully we can appeal this down the line.

(Thoughts on Game 5) Their backs are against the wall, so they’ll be coming out hard. We need to weather the storm for the first 10 minutes or so and play hard and get the win.
(On his line and their production) We’ve all just been working hard this series. Trying to create opportunities by getting pucks to the net, and it’s been working for us; we’ve been putting them in.
(On playing in his home town) It’s an unbelievable feeling for me and Danny. Hopefully we’ll finish it off at home tonight.
(On Peterborough resting up for the next round) We want the opportunity to have a couple of days off too. We’ll be working hard tonight.
(On the last Game 5 – Round 1 – where the team didn’t play well) Yeah, in Game 5 of last series we didn’t come out too hard in Barrie. We want to come out hard tonight and pressure their D and get to the net.

*Forwards: McGinn, Talbot, Hulit (started); Bickell, Bonello, Mancari; Akeson, Petruzalek, Kaspar; VanderVeeken, Ouellette, Alphonso.
*Defensive pairings: Colbert, Joslin; Staubitz, Van Herpt; Lawrance, Beard.
*Starting in goal: Battochio, and Guadagnolo as back-up.
*Scratches: Spezza, Jarram, Kiriakou (healthy), Lahey (inj-conc), and Reid (inj-leg).

First Period. The 67s started off shaky, with a number of SOG by Sudbury right away. The first shot came 10 seconds after first puck drop. Ottawa got the first PP, but as would occur for the entire game, it was not effective at all. The Wolves got on the board first – a goal by Foligno (1-0). Bonello was sloppy in moving the puck out of his zone – Foligno stripped the puck off him, fired on net, and scored.

Hulit was checked, and fell to the ice writhing. It was a scary sign, but he did get up and skate off himself. Possibly winded? He did return to play. Pouliot went down next – a slash from Van Herpt. Stortini scored at the end of a PP to give the Wolves a 2-0 lead. Hastings scored, with an assist to Stortini, to make it 3-0. And the 4th goal, a PP goal, came from Crouch. The period ended with the Wolves up 4-0. SOG were 26-5 for Sudbury.

All the talk pre-game was just that – talk. They didn’t come to play, they didn’t come out strong or hard, they didn’t weather the first 10 minutes. They allowed more goals in the first period than they have in each full game of this series.

They were out-shot 26-5! They took a number of stupid penalties – some so bad that it gives the Sudbury fans’ complaints legitimacy when they say Ottawa players are goons (slashing type calls). They turned the puck over constantly. When they weren’t doing either of those, they were just standing around watching.

Battochio was swarmed at times – there were so many people around the net area that it was chaos. It was like everyone was going for the puck instead of the 67s defending a man and keeping them from the crease area.

They looked like a completely different team from Game 4, like they hadn’t played together before and therefore were unfamiliar with the positions and strengths of their teammates.

It was a dreadful period of hockey by the 67s. It’s absolutely fascinating to me, how this team that I know can play so dominantly, can fall apart so fully. We’ve seen it happen a few times this year (when London came to Ottawa was the absolute worst – but this period gives that some run).

Second Period. Guadagnolo started in the net in the second period. This had to give the Wolves a lot of energy – they chased Battochio from the net (even if Killer meant it as a wake-up to his own team). This was the first time they’ve had a look at Guadagnolo. Near the end of the period Staubitz fired from the point, and Petruzalek tipped it into the net to get Ottawa on the board (4-1). Guadagnolo did a great job in net. He kept things steady, and stopped all 6 shots he faced in the second. The 67s turned up their game, getting more SOG. The score at the end of the period was 4-1 for Sudbury.

Third Period. Battochio went back into the net to start the third. After a scramble in front of Beech, Eaton put his hand over the puck in the crease. Cox immediately signalled a penalty shot. Bonello got the go-ahead, he took his time, deeked out Beech – getting him to commit left – and popped the puck in on Beech’s right.

Chaumont scored to make it 5-2 for Sudbury. The 67s were scrambling about, and Chaumont scooped up the puck. Mills scored one more before the end of the period (6-2). And of course, Bonello got a 10 minute misconduct at the end of the period.

The Wolves won 6-2. SOG were 31 for Ottawa and 44 for Sudbury. The 67s went 0/7 on the PP, Sudbury 2/6. Full credit to the Wolves – they came out to play, and they took it to the 67s big time.

A few miscellaneous notes:
*The Wolves wanted it more – they had to win and they came out fighting.
*Were the 67s thinking about the having the w/e off too much? They certainly weren’t focused on the present game.
*Beech had a strong game in net for the Wolves, especially with all the problems they’ve been having; the inconsistencies with who gets the starts, etc.
*Stortini was a dominant player on the ice – the best he’s played so far this series; a real captain tonight.
*The fans were excited and loud.
*They finally figured out how to score against Battochio; all 6 goals were on Battochio.
*Pouliot did not play the full game – after the slash he played limited and then didn’t return.
*It was great to be able to see the game – and the Sudbury Arena (a first for me). Thanks again to Rogers for broadcasting the game.
*The only positive(s) about the loss: Guadagnolo got in some game time and did a good job, and at least one more home game for Ottawa fans.

2, Petruzalek, (5) (Staubitz), 18:23
3, Bonello, (4) , 01:45 ( PEN/SH)

1, Foligno, (5) , 09:14
1, Stortini, (2) (D'Aversa, Hastings), 14:12 (PP)
1, Hastings, (3) (Foligno, Stortini), 16:10
1, Crouch, (1) (Baker), 18:35 (PP)
3, Chaumont, (6) (Martynowski, Stortini), 13:12
3, Mills, (2) (DiDiomete, Dubbin), 17:52

OHL three stars were: (1) Staal, (2) Stortini, and (3) Beech.

TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Stortini, (2) Staal, and (3) Foligno.


5722. Another loud rink. Playoffs rock!

Game 6 – Sunday, April 17, 2005, 2:00 pm, Sudbury @ Ottawa
*Game 7 – Monday, April 18, 2005, 7:30 pm, Ottawa @ Sudbury

*Game to be Played If Necessary

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