April 11, 2005


Rogers will be sending a satellite truck to Sudbury to broadcast the remaining Round 2 games to Ottawa. I can’t thank them enough – I appreciate that it will be a lot of work and a lot of driving! I heard this when Jeff Hunt was on with TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley this morning. He also said that Ed and Lee will be making the long trip. The press release from the 67s’ site [link]:


Date Posted: 11-Apr-2005

The Ottawa 67’s are pleased to announce that Rogers Television will travel to Sudbury in order to provide live coverage of Game 5, and if necessary, Game 7, of this best of seven series between the 67’s and Wolves.

There was no television coverage of Games 1 and 2 in Sudbury last week and Ottawa fans were left to follow the team on the radio with The Team 1200.

Persona Cable in Sudbury does not traditionally broadcast Wolves games. The Ottawa Rogers Television 22 crew will travel to Sudbury and broadcast the game live back to Ottawa.

“Ottawa 67’s fans are calling and asking us to find a way to broadcast the games. We decided that the only way we could do this, is to go to Sudbury ourselves” says Ray Skaff, Station Manager of Rogers Television 22.

All remaining games in this series will be broadcast live on Rogers Television 22 for fans in the Ottawa region

Great news.

One other thing discussed in the interview that concerned me was regarding Battochio.

Apparently the Wolves’ have been taunting the 67s during pre-game skates that they’re going to “get” Danny. Now, we in Ottawa haven’t been able to see the games, so we can’t really comment on whether the Wolves are excessively running him, falling on him, etc., but Jeff said that there seemed to be a lot of that happening, as well as suspect positioning when falling on Danny (e.g., elbow to head). It’s no secret that Battochio has been the reason the 67s have made it this far in the playoffs, so obviously Sudbury is going to have to get him off his game somehow. I just hope that they don’t go over the edge with it. Jeff said that the team has mentioned this to the refs, but who knows . . . We’ll get to see tonight.

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