May 27, 2005

Battochio Takes A Puck In The Adam’s Apple In Practice!

After surviving a puck to the collarbone the other day from Petruzalek, VanderVeeken hit Battochio in the Adam’s apple today.

FOR GAWD’S SAKE, he’s the only freaking guy on the ice playing worth a damn! What the hell is wrong with this team.

Schreibs said today on the TEAM 1200/Dean Brown and Bruce Garrioch that Killer had told everyone before the practice that if you shoot high on him today just get the hell off the ice. And VanderVeeken did just that – as soon as he saw him go down, he skated immediately to the dressing room.

Schreibs said that Killer was not in a very good mood before the practice and you can imagine how he was after.

I hope he’s okay.

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