May 16, 2005

OHL FINALS GAME 5 – Ottawa at London (5.14) – Ottawa Is Out: London Wins First OHL Championship in Franchise History

The 67s lose 6-2 to the Knights. See OHL game summary here, playoff tracker here, and on the London Knights here. See 67s’ playoff page here.

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, 67's go nighty-Knight. Quote:

"The last three games, we didn't play as well as we could have," said Colbert.

"I don't think we put it all out on the line. That's what makes it so disappointing. We don't have anyone to blame but ourselves on that, but I'm proud of what we've done."

From the Ottawa Sun Jim Cressman writes, Yankee doodle dandies.

From the London Free Press Jim Cressman writes, Knights from 40 years get to share OHL title.

From the London Free Press Jim Kernaghan writes, At last, fans' loyalty rewarded.

From the Toronto Sun Terry Koshan writes, London Knighted.

From the London Free Press Morris Dalla Costa writes, Championship a fairy-tale story. And he writes, Astute Hunters have earned right to celebrate.

From the Ottawa Citizen Chris Yzerman writes, Knights fulfil OHL mandate. Quote:

"I'm proud of what they've done, I'm just not proud of the last (few) games," 67's coach and general manager Brian Kilrea said.

From the London Free Press Eric Bender writes, A Knight for city to party.

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Rogers Television 22/Brent Lale, Lara Ralph, Leigh Cunningham, and Rick Doyle). Pre-game notes:
*Big changes for Ottawa: Beard and Lawrance out. Jarram and Kiriakou in.
*Kell back for London (A. Perry out).

(Thoughts on Game 4) I don’t think we played as well as we have been. We made too many mistakes. If you give them too many opportunities they’ll hurt you. That’s what we did.

(On tonight’s must win game) We’ve been in that situation where we have to win or else so it’s not any more surprising to the team.

(On the positives, like PK, and what to focus on) Well that’s one area, but there are others, like forechecking and making the right decision with the puck. That’s what we have to focus on. I’m disappointed that some of the people doing the television broadcast said that we’re just cruising, waiting for the Memorial Cup. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

(Thoughts on tonight’s game) Well we know that the 4th one is the toughest. We’re not getting ahead of ourselves. Nice to have the opportunity to finish up at home.

(On positives) We have skilled players that allow us to score. But defence has been the backbone. We know that they have three skilled lines.

(On Bolland’s play) He’s been great for us. Corey and Dylan get a lot of focus which makes it a little easier on them, not getting watched as closely.

(On Coleman) It’s tough for us in the playoffs because we have 2 guys any team would love to have in net any night. It’s a good opportunity for Gerald to be in the net to win.

(On Kell back) He’s a great defensive forward who’s strong on the PK. We know he’s got a little rust on him he’ll have to shake off.

_Akeson, Talbot, Hulit (started)
_Bickell, Bonello, Mancari
_VanderVeeken, Petruzalek, Kaspar
_Kiriakou, Ouellette, Alphonso

Defensive Pairings:
_Colbert, Joslin
_Staubitz, Reid
_Van Herpt, Jarram

Starting in goal:
_Guadagnolo back-up

_McGinn (inj-shoulder)
_Lahey (inj-conc)
_Spezza (healthy)
_Lawrance (healthy)
_Beard (healthy)

Bickell started the 67s off on a high note, scoring on his first shift of the game. The 67s were in the game – winning face offs, getting a SH chance. They took a couple of penalties that (I think) shifted their focus from offensive to defensive (and used Talbot and Hulit to do all the PKing instead of opportunities for scoring). SOG for both were 13, and London was up 2-1.

London continued pressuring in the second, scoring two goals. Ottawa was running around, looking disorganized, all scrambling towards the puck instead of staying with their (assigned) man. Alphonso was working really hard – skating fast from one end of the ice to the other, digging in the corners, checking, etc. The energy line/4th line was doing more than the Petruzlek/Kaspar line. In fact, it seemed like whenever Petruzalek/Kaspar were on the ice London scored. They were not playing defensive, leading to open Knights in dangerous areas. SOG were 9/OTT (22 overall) and 18/LON (31 overall). London up 4-1.

Mancari scored a nice, short side top corner goal on Coleman in the third. It gave us a little hope – 4-2 – Ottawa could do this. They’d done it before. Unfortunately London had different plans. They were going to win this game, and the championship at home. They went on to score 2 more in the third, winning the game 6-2. Final SOG were 30 for Ottawa and 44 for London.

London wins J. Ross Robertson Cup (via OHL/Photos: Dan Hamilton/VPS).
Congratulations to London for their first OHL Championship win. Corey Perry was named MVP. And congratulations to the 67s. They’ve had a great ride, making it to the playoffs this year. They demonstrated that they could skate with the best team in Canada, and had some really great moments. We’re wishing them the best as they prepare for the Memorial Cup.

1, Bickell, (5) (Mancari, Reid), 01:41
3, Mancari, (14) (Bickell, Staubitz), 01:18

1, Beaulieu, (2) (Girardi, Larman), 07:37
1, Rodney, (4) (Syvret, Schremp), 16:01
2, Rodney, (5) (Schremp, Syvret), 10:27
2, Bolland, (11) (Perry), 12:08
3, Fritsche, (9) (Foreman, Schremp), 08:26
3, Schremp, (13) (Fritsche, Rodney), 13:17

1 - Bonello, 4:25 - Obstruction Holding, ,2min (PP)
1 - Van Herpt, 7:58 - Interference, ,2min (PP)
1 - Staubitz, 13:44 - High Sticking, ,2min (PP)
2 - VanderVeeken, 3:43 - Interference, ,2min (PP)
2 - Staubitz, 9:35 - Slashing, ,2min
2 - Talbot, 14:28 - Elbowing, ,2min
2 - Alphonso, 18:50 - Interference, ,2min (PP)
3 - Bonello, 10:06 - Roughing, ,2min
3 - Colbert, 11:17 - Slashing, ,2min (PP)

1 - Methot, 10:34 - Holding, ,2min (PP)
1 - Larman, 13:12 - Boarding, ,2min (PP)
2 - Schremp, 6:25 - Obstruction Tripping, ,2min (PP)
2 - Perry, 9:35 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., ,2min
2 - Schremp, 14:28 - Interference, ,2min
3 - Methot, 5:48 - Holding, ,2min (PP)
3 - Prust, 10:06 - High Sticking, ,2min
3 - Thomson, 13:31 - Interference, ,2min (PP)

OHL thee stars were: (1) Rodney, (2) Fritsche, and (3) Bolland.



Memorial Cup.

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