May 16, 2005

StatsGuy's Predictions For The Memorial Cup

Game 1 - London vs Rimouski: In this much anticipated tournament opener, London gets down early on goals from high-flying Sydney Crosby and his linemates. London starts getting chippy and frustrated, taking dumb penalties. Then Prust rams Crosby into the boards hard, taking Crosby out of the game. All hell breaks loose between the two teams, leading to injuries and suspensions all around. Dale Hunter gets fined $50,000 and is banned from junior hockey. Rimouski hangs on to win this one 4-2.

Game 2 - Ottawa vs Kelowna: Kelowna's defence is just too much for Ottawa. This game is a let down after the London/Rimouski game, and Kelowna ends up winning 3-1 in a snore fest.

Game 3 - London vs Kelowna: London is still shaken up from Game 1, and never really catch their stride. Their lines are all mixed up because of the depleted lineup. Kelowna controls the game and wins this one handily 3-1.

Game 4 - Ottawa vs Rimouski: Rimouski shows a lot of heart, twice coming back from two-goal deficits. They get goals from third and fourth liners who really step it up, making up for Crosby's absence. Rimouski wins it in overtime, 6-5.

Game 5 - Kelowna vs Rimouski: Rimouski gets Crosby back, along with a couple of their suspended players. Rimouski goes on to win this nail-biter 4-3. Everyone agrees that this was the best game of the tournament.

Game 6 - London vs Ottawa: Ottawa finally explodes with big games from everybody. This is their chance to get London back for the OHL Championship. London is a beaten team, barely registering 20 shots on net. Ottawa wins 6-0. Several London fans are arrested as garbage rains down on the ice to end London's run at the Memorial Cup. Chaos reigns in the city and media report nation-wide what a disgrace the organization has become.

At the end of the round robin, the standings are:
Rimouski (3-0)
Kelowna (2-1)
Ottawa (1-3)
London (0-3)

Semi-final - Kelowna vs Ottawa: Battochio steals this one, letting in just one goal on 53 shots. Ottawa is not the better team, but goes on to win 2-1.

Final - Rimouski vs Ottawa: A shoot out, recording the most goals ever scored in a Memorial Cup final. Rimouski wins 9-7. Mancari and Crosby both get hat tricks. 2,000 people show up at the Ottawa airport to welcome the boys home. Fans are proud of their team and all they've accomplished.

Ottawa goes on to win the next 3 Memorial Cups in a row. London doesn't get past the Conference final for another 40 years. Record low attendances at the JLC.

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