June 16, 2005

It's Been Such A Long Time...

(I think I should be blogging... Love Boston)

Okay. Wow. May 30th. Wow.

It's been a long time since I've felt like blogging here. I've been over on some other sites - politically oriented sites. It sort of feels strange coming back here.

I've missed quite a bit of stuff since the end of the season.

Like this great season recap on the Ottawa 67s site: SEASON RECAP: What a season! (Thanks GG for linking to that crazy-assed post of mine - only a couple of comments though.)

I missed posting on the 67s banquet, which is also covered on the 67s site (Award winners announced at end-of-year banquet). And there's this article by Chris Stevenson in the Ottawa Sun on the banquet (Battochio named 67's MVP). The highlights:

Battochio = MVP
Talbot = most sportsmanlike, face-off
Joslin = scholastic award for hockey and schooling, plus/minus award
McGinn = top high school student
Hulit = top scorer (31G 40A)
Mancari = community contributions, nominee for OHL humanitarian
Petruzalek = top rookie
Colbert = top d-man
Bonello = top OA
I'm really gonna miss those guys that won't be back, especially Bonello (and his drama on ice). Best of luck to them in their next steps.

Battochio is getting noticed by, well, everyone. (See article by Scott Mitchell in the Sudbury Star, Battochio ‘on the verge’.)

McGinn's been invitated to the U-18 camp (McGinn invited to Under-18 development camp).

And tomorrow, possibly some new news when Killer will be on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross.

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