June 20, 2005

Welcome To Ottawa Logan Couture!

Just heard via TEAM 1200 breaking news Logan Couture has signed on to play for Ottawa this coming season. This is great news! Will post more on Couture later, but here's the particulars from the 67s' site:

Round 1 #12: Logan Couture
Level: Jr. B-ON
Team: St. Thomas
Position: Center
Shoots: Left
Height: 6.00
Weight: 180
Birthdate: March 28, 1989
Selected: Ottawa 67's' 1st round pick, 12th overall.

And here's the official press release from the 67s' site: [link]
Ottawa 67's sign Logan Couture

Date Posted: 20-Jun-2005

The Ottawa 67's are very pleased to announce that Logan Couture has signed and is looking forward to joining the 67's at training camp.

Logan was the 67's first pick in the 2005 Priority Draft selection.

"We are really looking forward to training camp and having Logan on the ice with our team" said Ottawa 67's Head Coach and General Manger Brian Kilrea. "Logan and his family are excited about coming to Ottawa and playing for the 67's."

Couture spent last season with the St. Thomas Stars of the Western Ontario Jr. B Hockey League where he recently won the Roy Bruhlman Award as the League's Rookie of the Year.

The 16 year old is listed at 6'00" and 180 lbs. He scored 28 goals and 56 points in only 59 games for the Stars this past season and was also named as the top centre on the All Rookie team.

* Update 6.21.2005 at 0915h by Sid * Barre Campbell's article on Couture in the Ottawa Sun, 67's get Couture. Snippet:
Couture said the reputation of the 67's and the treatment he and his family received from the team since the draft made it an easier decision.

"I've talked to a lot of people, and I've heard some great stories about the team," said Couture.

Ottawa fans will expect lots from him next year, but Couture, who stressed he needs to make the team, said he'll be able to handle it.

"I'm just going to try to do what I know I can do, not what people expect me to do," he said.

June 17, 2005

Interview With The Coach, “I’d say very shortly we’ll have something concrete on whether Logan will be here.”

Some notes from Killer’s interview this morning on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and AJ Jakubec. [paraphrasing]

(On recent trip to visit recruits’ families) We went over a 1000 miles in 3 days. I’ve always felt it’s important to go to people’s homes and explain what’s going on, what to expect, answer any questions. When they come to training camp we don’t really have time to talk. We’re trying to select the team and that’s the focus.

(On Logan Couture’s status) I felt great about the meeting. We went in there and talked; spent some good time there. I really feel good. There’s just a couple things that are going to be settled. I’d say very shortly we’ll have something concrete on whether Logan will be here. We’re looking forward to that.

(On second pick Pat Daley) He’s a boy that wanted to play in Ottawa. He watched us play in Belleville, Oshawa, and Peterborough. He wanted to play for the 67s and had other teams interested in him but he wasn’t interested in them. When we selected him, he was just overjoyed.

(What type of player is Pat) He can be a right winter and a centreman. A right hand shot. He’s a big kid at 6’1”. Don Cherry told us that this young kid comes to play. He comes back into his own end and helps out and finishes his checks.

(What type of player is Logan Couture) He’s a great skater with a tremendous shot and great vision. He’s an ideal playmaker and goal-scorer, a hockey player. That’s his game. Pierre Maguire mentioned him on his show on up and coming kids. I really believe it is good for Logan and for Ottawa. He’s a combination of Corey Locke and Andrew Cassels. He moves the puck and has a good shot.

(On the Import Draft) We’ll know more next week. Walsh has gone over and I imagine when he comes back some time next week he’ll have some information for us. What players are available and when they can be released. You want to make sure, especially with the number one pick, that with the player you select there’s no obstacles. I’m looking for my second pick to move in to a better position as well.

(On Frolic being available, who has been identified as number one pick) I have no idea. The people that heard - everyone knows how good he is. People that are in the know say maybe or maybe not. But the host team have the say in the matter because they hold his rights. That’s something that we’ll know next week. The draft is not until the 29th. If it does become Frolic that’s great, but if not, well we want to have it locked up.

(What Killer's looking for – forward, defence) Sometimes you have to pick what’s there. We’re going to hopefully get two players that want to come over and be a part of our team. If one happens to be a defenceman and one happens to be forward that’s great, but if they’re both forwards well that’s great too. As long as there’s no obstacles and they’ll be part of the team

(On McGinn’s invite to U-18 team) You know he earned it. He started off not even dressing in the home opener and then moved to the 4th line. He moved up and became a force. Whatever he got, he earned. He was a hard working kid. Just improved greatly. You saw the improvement, especially him and Alphonso.

(On the team going to Newfoundland St. Johns and Cornerbrook for exhibition games) Jeff mentioned that a while back. Jeff being from there. We’re a respected team down in Newfoundland. They know a lot about Jeff and the 67s. I think it will be something for the kids to look forward to. We’ll go down early and have a sightseeing tour. The kids well see something that they wouldn’t necessarily see. We’ll go down there and play a few games, and it will be good will and enjoyable for the kids. Not sure how many are going because of seats.


Useful link: Meet our newest players

June 16, 2005

It's Been Such A Long Time...

(I think I should be blogging... Love Boston)

Okay. Wow. May 30th. Wow.

It's been a long time since I've felt like blogging here. I've been over on some other sites - politically oriented sites. It sort of feels strange coming back here.

I've missed quite a bit of stuff since the end of the season.

Like this great season recap on the Ottawa 67s site: SEASON RECAP: What a season! (Thanks GG for linking to that crazy-assed post of mine - only a couple of comments though.)

I missed posting on the 67s banquet, which is also covered on the 67s site (Award winners announced at end-of-year banquet). And there's this article by Chris Stevenson in the Ottawa Sun on the banquet (Battochio named 67's MVP). The highlights:

Battochio = MVP
Talbot = most sportsmanlike, face-off
Joslin = scholastic award for hockey and schooling, plus/minus award
McGinn = top high school student
Hulit = top scorer (31G 40A)
Mancari = community contributions, nominee for OHL humanitarian
Petruzalek = top rookie
Colbert = top d-man
Bonello = top OA
I'm really gonna miss those guys that won't be back, especially Bonello (and his drama on ice). Best of luck to them in their next steps.

Battochio is getting noticed by, well, everyone. (See article by Scott Mitchell in the Sudbury Star, Battochio ‘on the verge’.)

McGinn's been invitated to the U-18 camp (McGinn invited to Under-18 development camp).

And tomorrow, possibly some new news when Killer will be on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross.