October 15, 2006

Friday the 13th and Bad Spirits

Well, that depends which team you’re cheering for. Hi all. Sorry for being late. This will be quick.

Well, Friday was the first home game this year for me – I missed the first two while I was out west for the weekend. I didn’t have a chance to get into game mode for this one but my understanding is that Saginaw is picked by Hockey News to win the west.

Just before game time we heard that Logan Couture would be out for at least 3 – 4 weeks with mono. Ribeiro is still getting over it. Guys – stop sharing whatever it is that you’re sharing. That stuff is contagious and nasty! Poor Logan is having a rough year in his draft year. Also scratched was Sean Ryan who is still out with an injured shoulder.

Saginaw showed why they are a top pick. They skated fast, passed well and made it hard for the 67s to get organized. The Spirit opened their scoring when Jan Murzak was got one through the legs of Brady Morrison on an odd man rush. Then, in the last minute of play, down two men, Saginaw’s Tom Pyatt got past Elgin Reid, skated in on Morrison and scored a 2-man short handed goal to make it 2-0 by the end of the first period. A lot of penalties were called in the first – 6 for each team but neither team could convert the advantage (unless you count Saginaw converting on 2-men down – sheesh). On the up side, Jamie McGinn was working hard and hitting everyone in sight. Ottawa had a couple of good chances but generally it seemed that they couldn’t organize and their communication was off. Shots at the end of the first 7 – 11 for Saginaw.

Ottawa started the second period with still time left on the 5 on 3 powerplay but they only managed 3 shots on goal. Before the three minute mark was reached, Tyler Haskins was allowed to walk in from the wall unaccosted and flip a backhand over Morrison’s shoulder. I don’t think Brady even saw it coming. That made it 3 – 0. Our defense was playing pretty lousy and Saginaw was having their way with them. At the 5:49 mark, Saginaw made it 4 – 0 when Jack Combs beat Brady. This was not looking good. Shea Kewin finally got Ottawa on the score board on a power play just over halfway through when he caught his own rebound and finally got one past Daniels. Grimaldi and Joslin assisted on the goal. Saginaw came back and restored their 3-goal lead two minutes later when Tomas Zaborsky bounced one in off Cuma. At the 16:31 mark, Jan Murzak of Saginaw laid a mean hit from behind on Liscomb near the boards. Brett was down for a while and I must say I was worried. He finally got up with the help of the trainer and kind of wobbled over to the bench. We didn’t see him for the rest of the period. In the ensuing powerplay, it was Kewin again on the powerplay getting a garbage goal – but a goal none the less. Assists went to Joslin and Lahey. I got my hat-trick hat ready for the third goal. Brady made a number of good saves but the team was not playing all that well in front of him. Shots on goal after two – 19 – 24 for Saginaw with the score 2 – 5 for Saginaw.

Lukas Flueler started in goal for the third period and Brett Liscomb was back – with a vengeance. Saginaw was showing some discipline breakdown as Matt Corrente was trying to go after Alphonso for some offense – real or imagined. This distraction allowed Brett to pick up the puck in Saginaw’s zone and get it past Daniels from the slot. Biduke got the assist on that one. And that’s all there would be for scoring for the game. Ottawa had a couple of good chances but they just could not bury them. They were simply outskilled by Saginaw. Flueler had a good period stopping all 8 shots that he faced – a couple of them big saves. The final shots on goal were 33 – 32 but the stats that count – 3 – 5 for Saginaw.

Three stars of the game:

Tim Pyatt (Saginaw goal and an assist)
Shea Kewin (Ottawa – 2 goals)
Tomas Zaborsky (Saginaw goal and an assist)

Hardest working 67: Jamie McGinn - no rgument there.

Cid took a bunch of really good pictures and I'm sure they will be posted as soon as time permits.

Fear of Friday the 13th: paraskavedekatriaphobia (from the Greek παρασκευοδεκατριοφοβία)


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