November 20, 2006

Interview with the Coach - Nov 20

Notes from an interview w/ Killer on the TEAM 1200/ Buzz and Glenn Kulka this morning.

Kilrea saw 3 games this weekend, then came back to Mississauga for the game on Sunday. Several GMs followed him to the game as well to see the players that Ottawa was offering. Killer said that they all played so badly that they couldn't get the trade done. In response to a question about the players being a little antsy about the possibility of getting traded, he said that no one is playing well enough to say that they won't be traded.

The team played well on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday felt like the first day of training camp, they played so badly. He thought that maybe some of them want to move because they're not playing well enough to stay.

Is Kilrea concerned about Flueler? Yes, they thought he would be improving by this point. But the first period on Sunday wasn't his fault. The defence stood around and watched as Mississauga put the puck in the empty net on several cross-crease passes. The defence haven't been playing well in front of Flueler. But he battled back in the second and third periods.

Killer thought the blue line would be solid this year, but none of them have been playing well. The only exception is that Cuma is emerging into a star.

This weekend, Sudbury and the Soo are tough rinks to play in after sitting in the bus for so long. Then they have to come back and go to Kingston on Tuesday. The schedule's a little loopy this year. The need to put some extra thought into it next year.

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