September 29, 2007

Ottawa 67s Ball Hockey Tournament

Was a volunteer for today’s ball hockey tournament. Wasn’t quite the turnout that everyone hoped for but it sure looked like everyone had a good time. There were three divisions: recreational, intermediate and competitive. Don’t ask me the difference between intermediate and competitive.
  • Was a really nice day for running around outside chasing an orange ball. And there was a whole lotta chasing!
  • The Road Grill was filming an edition of their show. We got to see all the “secrets” of cooking on TV. There’s a small army doing all the real cooking. We didn’t get any of the food. It smelled great.
  • Some folks take this really seriously. A scrap erupted in one of the competitive games. Figures – both teams were wearing Philly colours. A brave but much smaller member of the 67s staff busted it up and did his best impression of Colin Campbell. I don’t know what the final decision was but I’m sure it was swift and decisive.
  • The kids were having a great time. It was funny seeing a tiny goalie lying face down while his buddies strapped on his gear. Some of these tykes have awesome shots. The nets took quite a beating.
  • Goalies walk funny with all that padding.
  • Pavement is really hard on sticks and skin.
  • I can’t juggle…but am determined to learn. (We all need goals.)
  • I have no idea what most of the 67s look like without numbers on their backs. They quickly swept through the Aberdeen Pavilion. I only recognized them because I recognized Thomas Kiriakou and figured the other fit looking guys were also members of the team. They really look fit.

It was the first time for this event but I can see the seeds for bigger things have been sown. There were participants from all walks of life: teams of 7-year olds, young women, young at heart women, mixed teams, teams mostly consisting of spousal units, the billets, some serious players, you name it there was a game for everyone. And they all seemed to have fun. And it was for a good cause. I foresee greatness in the future. Put your team together and start practicing for next year.

See you at the game tomorrow.

Go 67s Go

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