September 17, 2007

Season Ticket Holder Pickup Night - Announcements

Tonight was the night for season ticket holders to pick up their packages. Schriebs was the MC of the event and Jeff Hunt had a speaking role too. Here's what we heard:
  • Everyone should be back from camp tomorrow; Courchaine and Ostrcil return from Boston - Radim with a broken wrist; Logan and Jamie return from San Jose - healthy
  • Letters were announced: Jaimie McGinn is the Captain (like anyone doubted it); A's go to Couture, Kiriakou; Bailey and Methot.
  • Jeff said that there will be a press announcement before the home opener regarding the great events they have planned for the season. There will a special at the home opener (I'm not giving it away) and season ticket holders are being encouraged to bring someone along - a limited set of extra tickets are available to season ticket holders for $5:00 each.
  • The team was introduced - there really are a number of locals on the team. Martindale still hasn't turned 16 (later this month??).
  • Reminder that away games are heard on the radio: normally Team1200 unless they are broadcasting a Sens game. The alternate broadcast station in those situations is 580. Both are on the AM dial. Listen to catch The Voice call the games so well you think you are there. For you fans outside the broadcast region you can listen live on the internet: for Team1200 and for 580. (Wonder who will pick up from AJ?)

I didn't stick around for the BBQ or any of the follow-on activities after the team was introduced.

So now the season has really started: 67s tickets in hand AND my Sens tickets arrived in the mail today too.

The team starts on the road this weekend: Barrie, Brampton and Kingston in that order. We are heading to Kingston for that game and if I have the energy I will post a game summary.

Go 67s Go!!


Marc Alex Blais said...

Glad to see you're back !! You're doing an amazing job... I have my own CHL blog (in french) with the Chicoutimi Sagueneens... http://sagueneens.blosgspot.com

Have a great season !

Blitzen said...

Hey - thanks for the feedback. I found your blog - my French is a bit rusty so it will take time for me to read it thoroughly but it looks great from what I read so far.

Will you be going to the ADT Canada Russia game in Chicoutimi on November 19th? We are going to the game in Gatineau on the 21st.

Have a great season!

Marc Alex Blais said...

I'll be in chicoutimi on november 19. And in Ottawa 10 days earlier to see Jonh Tavares !!! have a email ?

Blitzen said...