October 08, 2007

Over the Edge with the Coach

A rare opportunity for me to catch the Monday morning Team1200 chat with Killer. His comments:
  • In response to a question about testing goalies early in the season with the shootouts, Killer commented that Adam was the star of the game on Friday but losing it in the SO can be tough as the goalie will think that he needed to stop that one too.
  • They drill on breakaways and that Jamie is the best SO player on the team (I found this odd since I don't think the stats support that this year).
  • He hesitates putting a rookie in the shoot out as it makes them nervous (perhaps this explains why we haven't seen Latta in a shoot out yet. I think the kid can handle it and rather he get over his nerves early in the season.)
  • Strategy for SO order, likes to keep McGinn for second or third shooter - hopefully Logan and get the first one and put pressure on the other team - McGinn to bring it home if necessary.
  • On Sunday's game, the Soo are all around a strong team; they work hard, stay on the puck and won every battle. They have great depth and a great PP.
  • If you can't win the small battles, you won't win the big ones.
  • For the upcoming road trip, the team needs to play.
  • Perhaps they were a little full of themselves (my words) after their strong start and getting ranked number 3 by the CHL.
  • He's disappointed that he's not seeing improvement across the board. The young kids are the only ones improving (interpretation - vets are not).
  • If the loss didn't ground them, Killer will be sure to do so when they hit the ice tomorrow (today is a rest day).

All-in-all, not a happy camper.


Go 67s Go!

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