March 15, 2008

Nice Try Nogoalovs: Peterborough 2 – Ottawa 0 (again)

Down to the final weekend of the regular season. So the Petes are back for the final game of an 8-game series between these two Divisional rivals with Peterborough winning 6 of those 7 matches. The last time these two teams met on February 29 here in Ottawa it was a 1 – 0 game. In fact, 5 of the previous 7 games were 1-goal games. Peterborough came to town after a 3 – 4 loss to Brampton on Wednesday while a much depleted Ottawa was on the road in Kingston winning 2 -1. This win/loss combination put a little more separation between these two teams at the bottom of the playoff ladder but both teams had room to move this weekend. This game mattered.

Game Day Set-Up
Ottawa 67sPeterborough Petes
East – 7thConference – RankEast – 8th
17th - 66 - 0.168PP – Rank, GF and %12th - 61 - 0.181
11th - 65 - 0.815PK – Rank, GA and %13th – 85 - 0.792

Top Guns - Ottawa
Logan Couture C49203656+10
Jamie McGinn LW50272855+10
Thomas KiriakouC64152641-10

Additional Ottawa Player Notes: Scratches for the game continue were Jamie McGinn (shoulder) and Jason Bailey (sports hernia). Adam Courchaine was in goal.

Top Guns - Peterborough
Zach BogosianD58114960+10
John ArmstrongC63203656-11
Pat DaleyRW60272047-2

Additional Petes Player Notes: Missing the game were Zach Tatrn, Kenzie Sheppard nd Bobby Davie. Trevor Cann got the call again in goal.

Game Summary
The game started tentatively enough with neither team really coming out strong but as they warmed up, the Petes started getting control of the game. It didn’t take long for the Petes to rack up the shots on Courchaine but he remained steady-eddie. I find it hard to get an overall feel for the game while watching it through the viewfinder of my camera but it seemed to me that, in the first period anyway, Ottawa really wasn’t winning any of the battles for the puck. They managed to interrupt Peterborough now and then and had what I thought were good outlet passes to the neutral zone but were unable to do anything of note once they crossed the Peterborough blue line. Towards the last 6 minutes of the period they started showing more energy and generating more offense but still struggled to actually get any shots through to Cann. Neither team scored in the first frame and Ottawa managed to get closer on the shot count – 9 – 13 in favour of the Petes.

The second period was better for the 67s although the results were the same – neither team scored. The 67s had some good early momentum but were unable to convert any of that into goals. Both teams doubled their shot count and had some scoring chances but the posts and the goalies turned aside all attempts.

So it was on to the third period to see if the log jam would be broken. And it didn’t take long. Justin Soryal, an undrafted player who was signed by the New York Rangers this week, scored when Adam Courchaine was unable to control the puck that he initially caught in his glove. This was less than two minutes into the period. Derek Holden got the lone assist.

Ottawa tried to get it back but, once again, it was Pat Daley who has had the 67s number all season it seems, broke the back before the half way mark with the second goal of the game. Branislav Rehus and Arturs Kulda got the assists.

The 67s managed to get more shots on Cann but nothing got through. And they limited the shots on Courchaine as it appears that he only faced 4 in the entire 20 minutes (although 2 of them ended up as goals – not a good stat).

But the game ended up as another shut out by the Petes here in Ottawa. Final shots were 30-apiece.

The Game's Three Stars as Selected by the Team1200
1st Star2nd Star3rd Star
Trevor CannAdam CourchaineJake Laplante

Team1200 Hardest Working 67s: Martin Paryzek

Random Thoughts

  • Can’t win games if you don’t score goals. The goalie can only do so much. Talk about a completely snake bitten team. The team has scored only 6 goals in their last 6 games while Adam has only allowed 10 in the last 6. Maybe they need more work with the shooter-tutors.
  • The City of Ottawa may have to charge the 67s more rent so that they can repair the boards and glass around the net ‘cause that’s where most of the 67s shots ended up.
  • No penalties called. None. Not one for 60 minutes of full contact hockey between young adult males playing for a playoff position. TWO refs on the ice. Either these teams need to be honoured for their exceptional sportsmanship OR the refs need a referral to the Focus Eye Centre (where I had my eyes done – great outfit that I highly recommend).
  • Jaimie McGinn joined the team and stood behind the bench for the game. Apparently he did this in Kingston too. I didn’t notice any interaction with the team but it should have been good for them to have their captain behind them for the game.

  • Chatted briefly with Jason Bailey before the game. He does have a sports hernia and he does need surgery to repair it. But he is cleared to play. We didn’t discuss it but I presume his being scratched has to do with keeping him healthy for the playoffs.
  • This was the first game for Thomas Kiriakou and Matthieu Methot since their bout of flu. I think they were still feeling the effects of it. Didn’t see the usual energy.
  • As I was reviewing my pictures from the game (always more than 400 taken at a game) I notices that many had Jon Carnevale in them. I wasn’t looking for him during the game but it seems he was in the mix pretty much each time he hit the ice.
  • I caught the last bit of the game against Kingston where the 67s were missing 5 regulars from the line up (Kiriakou, Ostrcil, Methot, Bailey and McGinn). It sounded like quite the game at the end with everyone contributing to the win – especially defensively.
  • Ottawa is still at risk of slipping into 8th place.

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