September 24, 2008

NHL Debut for a Couple of 67s

It's only a pre-season game but it's still the big time.

Logan Couture, Derek Joslin, Brad Staubitz (already has his first major penalty!) and Lukas Kaspar are all in the line up for tonight's game against the Ducks.

I don't see Jason Bailey anywhere on the Ducks roster (not in the game nor on the list of scratches). I don't see him listed in any of the recent transactions either. hmmm.

See the rosters here.

It's too late for me to listen to the game so I will have to wait until morning to see how they all did.

Good luck guys and congrats!!

Update: Derek Joslin scores his first NHL goal on a PP to tie up the game!!! woo hoo!!

Update: The Sharks lose to the Ducks 4 - 6. Staubitz gets his second major penalty of his NHL career. Here's the write up from the Sharks site. Here's how the Ducks saw the game. Nothing on TSN at this point (5:00AM). And here are the super stats and the game sheet from the game.

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