October 03, 2008

Another Hot Goalie??

Hmmm…another game where Ottawa seriously outshoots the opposition (42 – 21) but still loses by one goal. Unfortunately this time the shot count really doesn’t tell the whole story.

The lineups were:
Cowick, Kiriakou, Nesbitt
Martindale, Latta, Toffoli
Sonnenburg, Lindsay, Carnevale
Hanes, Anderson, Schinkelshoek

The D-pairs were:
Demers, Ryan
Hartwick, Paryzek
Birkhoff, Zanetti

Perugini was in the net (Courchaine was dressed and on the bench today)

Scratches were Vorobyov and Zamec (last game of his 6-game suspension). Couture and Cuma remain at their respective camps (although neither were in the lineups for the most recent games).

The Petes came to town looking to end a five-game losing streak and the 67s were probably still riding the high from their two terrific road wins last weekend (that saw them temporarily atop of the division).

Here’s the game sheet from tonight. I won’t bother with a period-by-period summary.

Random thoughts:
  • It certainly wasn’t the same caliber of play we saw last weekend. Ottawa seemed to control the play for the most part of the game but it seemed that when Peterborough got their act together, they were a tad more dangerous. Despite the amount of rubber he saw, I don’t think Cann had to make many (if any) stellar saves. He mostly just got in the way and then had a touch of good luck on a couple shots.
  • Both teams had power play goals in the first period but both had some gosh-awful power plays that went absolutely no-where. But Ottawa had one really good PP where they got 6 shots on Cann but were unable to score. That was at the other end of the rink from where I was sitting so it’s hard to tell what types of shots they were but from what I could see, they weren’t difficult stops.
  • Killer said that the team was young and would make mistakes and tonight they did. The defense in particular had a rough night – including Martin Paryzek. More than a few pucks got past him on the blueline. There were a lot of turn-overs by both teams.
  • Overall the play seemed sloppy. But there were some bright spots too. Kiriakou did yeoman’s work out there and created a terrific short-handed scoring chance on the first penalty kill of the night. He scored the only Ottawa goal and is now the point leader on the team. There were a number of little things that were done well…but a whole lotta big things that weren’t.
  • Ottawa pulled Perugini for the extra attacker and Peterborough took a penalty which gave Ottawa a two-man advantage for 49 seconds. Killer put out 5 forwards and Demers – Toffoli manned the other point. It looked like Ottawa scored the tying goal but the play had been whistled dead.
  • I didn’t get good pictures of the three stars – the Petes players didn’t take much of a turn and Kiriakou didn’t acknowledge his second star (no show). Guess he wasn’t up for recognition in a losing cause. Corey Cowick was the Team1200 Hardest Working 67s.
  • The boys on the pre-game show were musing whether Vorobyov’s healthy scratch was an indication of Killer’s feeling for his play. Is he the next to go?
  • Matt Lahey has been given another chance, this time with the Moncton Wildcats in the Q. He scored the 4th goal in their win tonight over Shawinigan.
The team will have to regroup and do a better job against the Guelph Storm on Sunday. The Storm managed a late-game goal to tie up the score in Kingston tonight and went on to win.

I suspect that the Wild may send Tyler back to Ottawa after their game in Montreal tomorrow. He wasn’t dressed for tonight’s game in Columbus. I don’t know for sure if he’s travelling with the team. If he returns to Ottawa Saturday night, we might see him in action on Sunday. The NHL is great ‘n all but the 67s jerseys are way better than those Christmas-themed critters worn by the Wild. As for Logan, I think San Jose plays its last pre-season game on Sunday so we could see him back in time for the road trip to Kingston on Wednesday.

Life as a Goalie - the puck is under his right pad

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