November 25, 2008


Heard the news on the Healthy Scratches on the way home from work. Michael Latta has been traded to the Guelph Storm. Ottawa gets back Anthony Nigro, Travis Gibbons and Guelph's 2009 2nd round pick.

In the report, Dave Schreiber said that the main reason for the trade is to get Michael closer to home. Killer was supposed to be on the last segment of the broadcast to speak about the trade but it didn't work out.

Ottawa is losing a spirited, hard working, talented player who was going to contribute for the next couple of years. He had great chemistry with Martindale and Toffoli and the three of them were the most exciting line we had to watch in a while.

Ottawa gets back an older first round pick and a defenseman and a pick so Guelph paid a bit but I think they will get the better value in the long run.

Sorry to see him go - really sorry. But I trust Killer to have made the best decision for the team and the player. If it's important for Latta to be closer to home then so be it.

All the best Michael. Hope you enjoyed your time in Ottawa.

Welcome to Nigro and Gibbons. We look forward to your contributions.

Update: Just caught the clip on CTV sports. Michael's family requested the move. Michael couldn't say enough about the organization and, with a slightly choked voice said "its just something you gotta do, right?". I'm going to miss him alot.


mike2006 said...

hey, Ms. Valerie, that's a whole Latta love you are giving a talented 17-year-old hockey player.

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

groan!! Have you been waiting a long time for that one??