December 21, 2008

In the 67s Dressing Room

If you read his book or know his history, you know that Brian Patafie has seen many a dressing room during his career so when he says he is proud of the 67s dressing room, he knows what a good dressing room looks like.

Brian allowed me to take pictures of the inner sanctum on Friday after he had set it up for the game. He must start early as it was all set to go when I arrived around noon. It was pristine - everything in its place and a place for everything. And surprisingly not stinky (an odd observation perhaps but I had a chance to tour the Senators dressing room once and it was pretty ripe).

You can see the pride he takes in ensuring that everything is ship-shape for the game. Brian and the players spend a lot of time at the rink so having a clean, well-appointed comfortable place would be important.

There were four players out of the lineup for the game so you might not see the stall of your fav. Here are some pictures, enjoy.

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