March 20, 2009

The Boys in the Bigs

Jamie McGinn and Brad Staubitz seem to be sticking with the San Jose Sharks. They have each played 26 games with the Sharks. Jamie's ice time is increasing while Brad is getting 4th line time.

This is more impressive given that the Sharks are struggling a little of late.

Here are links to stats for Jamie and Brad.

They both had a role in last night's win over Nashville. Here's a link to a game summary from the Sharks website. Note the mention of Logan's OHL Player of the Week honours.

Here are links to some video clips from last night's game:

Jamie's hit on Jordan Tootoo (hit "Video Highlights" and go to "Play by Play Ice Tracker"); and

TSN's highlight reel opening with Brad's fight with Jordan Tootoo. (wait until the advertisement is over, Brad's work is early in the clip)

This blog gets a number of hits based on folks searching on him. Well, after last night's performance, he had waaay more folks looking for information on him. Mostly from California. This Edmonton-born (yay - I'm from Edmonton), former 67s stalwart and still a fan favorite may be increasing his fan base out west.

It's good to see them succeeding.

BTW - I didn't post Logan's honours this week because the Ottawa 67s now link to this blog from their website (check out the banner link on the lower right side). It seemed redundant to repeat their content. But for the record, we are really pleased that Logan's hard work has finally been recognized. Congrats Logan!! I expect to be blogging about your success in the bigs in the not too distant future. But right now we focus on the playoffs.

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