March 26, 2009

They Take One in the Kennel: Ottawa 6 - Niagara 4

I didn't watch this game - I had other obligations. Well, I watched the last 1:30 of the game.

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Couture, Nigro,
Lindsay, Kiriakou, Nesbitt
Blunden, Martindale, Toffoli
Hanes, Smith, Carnevale

Demers, Gibbons,
Birkhoff, Paryzek,
Hartwick, Zanetti

Goal: Perugini

Scratches: Schinkelshoek, Sonnenburg, Anderson, Cuma (knee)

I jumped into my vehicle to head home and turned on the radio to hear the IceDogs tie the game at 1. Off went the radio (I am such a nervous fan).

By the time I got home it was 3 - 2 Niagara. I wasn't that far from home - what the heck happened!?

I can be irrationally superstitious when it comes to sports and, convinced that I was an unlucky charm, I retired to the tub rather than watch (I know it makes no sense - that's just how it is).

The spousal unit yelled when Logan Couture scored his unassisted go-ahead goal and I rushed to the TV to watch the rest of the game. Thomas Kiriakou won the key face offs in the final minute and change. Key in that the face offs were in Ottawa's end and Niagara had pulled the goalie in favour of the extra attacker.

Corey Cowick gained control of the puck and passed it to an open Thomas Kiriakou for the EN to put the game away.

Here's the game sheet for all the details.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200:
1. Logan Couture (2 goals including the GWG)
2. Thomas Kiriakou (2 goals including the EN)
3. Andrew Agozinno (2 goals)

Hardest Working 67 as selected by the Team1200: Adam Courchaine

Random Thoughts:
  • The spousal unit watched the entire game and found the officiating to be quite, um, liberal in the application of the rules. In his opinion, the Dogs know that the refs will let much go and are prepared to take advantage of it.
  • Thomas Kiriakou has been my favorite player since his sophomore year and he has gotten better every year. It was so good to see him get that EN to seal the deal.
  • We get a game back in Ottawa on Monday. Unfortunately for me I have a work obligation on Monday evening. I hope to make it to the game even if it's late.
  • I stole the kennel reference from Dave Schreibert. It seemed funny at the time.

Well, I know what we're doing Saturday night!! Actually, we will be packing up our kitchen as we prepare for major renovations (aka divorce dust). We'll have the game on too! Now that Ottawa is off the can't-win-in-Niagara schneid, I am optimistic about the outcome.

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