April 30, 2009

Off Season Update - Look What I Found

Sitting here in the Austrian alps doing some surfing and look what I found. I occasionally surf the net to see where my pictures are being used and came across this site that is using one of my photos of Thomas Kiriakou for its banner. It's from last year's playoff series against the Oshawa Generals.

I have politely written to the site requesting that they credit the photo or remove it so if you don't see it in the link, they have decided to remove it.

But the cool thing is how far interest in the 67s reaches. My German is pretty rudimentary so I didn't bother trying to read the updates but it appears to be a European-based blog.

OHL priority draft takes place tomorrow. Will check in to see who the 67s chose. In the meantime, have a good off-season everyone.


mike2006 said...

wow, Blitzen photos, and the photographer, too.... go half way around the world! :) GOOD STUFF... (and yer pic is still posted there)

mike2006 said...

now YOUR banner photo is gonzo... and it looks like he stole someone else's! :)

Valerie said...

I got email from the fellow and he apologized for using the picture. I guess I wasn't clear that he could use it as long has he gave credit where it came from.

Turns out he is in Switzerland. He mentioned that Lukas Fleuler once played for the 67s and is now "in reserve of the Swiss National Team". Not sure if that means he's backup goalie or something else.

I wrote him back assuring him that he could use the picture with a proper credit and invited him to write a follow-up on Lukas to let fans know what he's up to now.

I will likely put a link to his site from mine (even if it is in German).