May 29, 2009

There's Always Hockey News Out There

Long time no hear. There hasn't been much to report on a weekly basis but there has been an accumulation of news to share:

  • The Ottawa 67s have appointed a new athletic trainer.
  • Tyler Cuma has been invited to the selection camp for next year's World Junior team;
  • Tyler Toffoli has been invited to the selection camp for the U18 Team (for the Ivan Hlinka Tournament in August in the Czech Republic).

In addition to a completely new look behind the bench, there other new looks at ice level next season. The 67s' bench is moving across the ice and the timekeeper and penalty boxes will move to the other side. This might mean some movement of season ticket holders (but we are not moving our seats).

Good luck to the two Tylers at camp and let's hope to see them on their respective national teams.

Have a good summer!


Anonymous said...

I was told by the 67's office staff that the benches were not being moved this year.

Valerie said...

Hmmm - I was told by the club that they were. Guess we will find out when we return in September.

mike2006 said...

I have been told the benches ARE being moved, and the 67's -- esp. Jeff Hunt -- apparently are not happy about it. City of Ottawa workers -- one of them told me so -- will be completing the work before next season starts. Rogers TV may have had some input into this (as both benches will be across the ice from the main camera. Also, the 67's bench is now farther from the penalty box then the visiting team's, which wasn't fair.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the update Mike. We received an official notice from the club confirming the move. Our seats are down low (row D) so we might be on the move.

I didn't hear that the club might not be pleased about this. I wonder if the league had something to say about it - to bring the Civic Centre in line with other OHL arenas.

Hope your summer is going well.