September 21, 2009

Tyler Cuma Update

Tyler Cuma played his first NHL game of the season when the Minnesota Wild welcomed the Chicago Blackhawks. Former 67s Bryan Bickell was playing for Chicago.

Cuma got into a fight with Belleville Bull (and Ottawa native) Shawn Lalonde. Guess they will have some interesting chats if they both return to junior. Which may not be a given for Tyler.

Looks like Cuma may be making a case to be the 7th defenseman according to Star Tribune blogger Michael Russo. Check out his blog here.

Here's the Minnesota Wild's take on the game.

Meanwhile, the 67s return from their road trip with a 1-1 record. I only caught a bit of the game on Friday. They had just given up two PPGs but were still leading 3-1. From the game sheet it looks like it was open season on Perugini. They lost 4-5 in OT. But they had a better result in Sudbury on Saturday where they won 3-1. Nesbitt wore the C and Nigro and Gibbons wore A's. Here's that game sheet.

Home opener against Niagara on Friday. Hope to see you there!


mike2006 said...

how does one lose 4-5...??
They lost 5-4!!

see you friday!

PS thanks for the updates on Bryan, and Cuma....

I hope Cuma has a chance to play in the WJC, if not here in Ottawa.

The Wild could keep him for a month (10 games) and then decide to return him. Fans of the 67's would be happy to see him here in Ottawa!

Valerie said...

Ha! My evil plan to flush you into the open worked! Long time no hear.

Actually, the format is a habit I formed while taking notes during games - I always put the Ottawa number first (goals, shots, player numbers, etc.). It made its way to the keyboard.

As for Tyler, last night didn't go so well for him: http://blogs2.startribune.com/blogs/wildblog/

Good to hear from you.