October 28, 2009

Catching Up with 67s Alum

Just decompressing with a bit of surfing and adult beverages after a tough day in the bureaucratic salt mines. Here's what I found about some former 67s:
  • After the whole Dany Heatley thing, I really don't want to care about the San Jose Sharks but I would be doing a huge disservice to the many McGinn and Couture fans out there. In fact, Couture, McGinn, Staubitz and Joslin are all making their marks. It seems the only bust was Lukas Kaspar. Logan made his NHL debut when the Sharks were on their eastern road trip. McGinn was also called up. Here's a quick item from the baby Sharks site. Here's a news item from the Sharks site. It seems that McGinn, Couture and Staubtiz are still with the mothership. Derek Joslin has also experienced a call up. Here's some news too! Derek is wearing an A when he's in Worcester. Great news for the former 67s players. We will continue to watch with great interest.
  • Update: McGinn, Couture and Staubitz were all in the lineup for last night's game against LA.
  • Adam Courchaine was sent back to junior and as a result of the off-season trade he is with the Sarnia Sting. Looks like he got some 'tude since leaving the 67s - he actually got into a fight (!) and earned himself a few days rest as a result. Hope Perugini and Mrazek are ready to drop 'em if challenged by Adam.

  • A faithful reader enquired about former eruo D-man Martin Paryzek. He's alive and presumably well playing in the Czech Republic.
  • Who else should we track down...how about Mark Mancari. He's still with the Buffalo AHL team, the Portland Pirates where he leads his team in points. It seems that Mark asserted himself during contract negotiations (see the last line in this article). He finally signed a one-year deal. Here's a clip of a post-practice interview.

  • Thomas Kiriakou is at Guelph University playing varsity hockey and making a difference.

That's all the news I can come up with now. Listening to the Sens vs Panthers on the Team 1200 and settling in for the evening. If you have news to share, please pass it along for the benefit of all your 67s fans-in-arms.


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