November 18, 2009

Game Set Up - Belleville

Ottawa heads down the highway to take on divisional rivals Belleville Bulls. Neither team is exactly tearing up the league this year - they are neck and neck in the conference at the edge of the playoff cut line. This is an important game for both teams. Belleville's Stephen Silas, their only player to make the recently published NHL Draft rankings will be sitting out this game while he serves the first of a two-game suspension.

Ottawa 67'sHead to HeadBelleville Bulls
7-10-3-2 19 pointsRecord8-13-1-2 19 points
7th EasternConference - Rank8th Eastern
76 GF62
82 GA95
(20/99) 20.2 (11th)
PP% (rank)(24/140) 17.1 (13th)
(23/103) 77.7 (16th)
PK% (rank)(23/105) 78.1 (14th)

Top Guns
Ottawa 67'sBelleville Bulls
Martindale (10-19-29)Tipoff (10-19-29)
Lindsay (10-14-24)Bathgate (6-11-17)
Nesbitt (11-10-21)Silas (4-13-17)
Nigro (4-13-17)Lalonde (5-11-16)
Toffoli (7-8-15)Payerl (6-9-15)

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