November 29, 2009

Improve Your Photography Skills!

Once again, Harry Nowell is offering his workshop on Pro Hockey Photography with the cooperation of the Ottawa 67s. This is a great opportunity to improve your photography. You get a session before the game, you shoot a game and, most importantly, you get the opportunity to discuss your results in a very safe environment with Harry and the other students. Harry always has something encouraging to say while dispensing valuable advice to make it even better.

Even if your ambition is simply to take pictures of your kids in their many activities, this is a worthy investment - you will be inspired by Harry's enthusiasm for the medium.

Hope to see you at the game!


Harry Nowell said...

Thanks Valerie!
Your photos continue to soar.

See you at the game,

mike2006 said...

Prefer one-on-one learning tutoring??
I am an award-winning news photojournalist who can -- and will -- teach anyone sports action photography for $150.00

pre-lesson + game shoot + feedback

call 613.266.8505
or e-mail me: mike.carroccetto@gmail.com