December 11, 2009

Game Set Up - Brampton

The Brampton Battalion return to the Urbandale Centre for their last regular season game. The first two games between these two teams were wins for the 67s (7-4 and 4-0). The Battalion are coming off a weekend where they lost twice to Sudbury. The 67s are likely (hopefully) still feeling the sting of their 4-0 loss to St. Mike's last Sunday.

Ottawa will have to stay focused on today's game and not get ahead of themselves; they travel to Barrie for a same tomorrow (Barrie's on a 19-0-0-1 streak) and they are in Mississauga on Sunday.

The Olympic torch will be at the UCC tonight.

Ottawa 67'sHead to HeadBrampton Battalion
14-12-3-2 33 pointsRecord12-13-4-2 30 points
4th EasternRank - Conference
6th Eastern
107 GF78
103 GA86
(29/137) 21.2 (10th)
PP% (rank)(16/141) 11.3 (20th)
(29/136) 78.7 (14th)
PK% (rank)(25/144) 82.6 (7th)

Top Guns
Ottawa 67'sBrampton Battalion
Lindsay (12-22-34)Jones (19-7-26)
Martindale (11-22-33)Carrick (10-10-20)
Toffoli (17-15-32)Tanski (4-12-16)
Nesbitt (16-14-30)Lane (7-7-14)
Nigro (7-17-24)Thorne (8-5-13)

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