January 27, 2010

Breaking Down the Rest of the Season

With 20 games left in the season, the Ottawa 67s have played their way from out of the basement first place in the Eastern Division, third overall in the Eastern Conference and 6th overall in the OHL. Their P10 is 6-2-1-1 and their streak is 5-0-1-1. A pretty find job if you ask me.

Breaking down the remaining 20 games of the schedule:
  • 12 are against Eastern Divisional rivals:
    • Peterborough (4 games - 3 of them in Peterborough)
    • Kingston (3 games - 2 of them in Kingston)
    • Oshawa (3 games - 1 of which is in Oshawa; and
    • Belleville (2 games - 1 of which is in Belleville)

  • 4 are against Eastern Conference teams:
    • Niagara (one game - on the road)
    • Barrie (2 games - 1 away; 1 here)
    • Sudbury (the traditional season-ending home game)

  • 4 games are against Western Conference teams:
    • Guelph (home game)
    • Kitchener (road game)
    • Erie (1 away; 1 here)

  • 10 games are on the road; 10 are at home
  • 2 remaining 3-in-3 weekends
  • there are 3 3-in-4 weekends

With only 18 points between the Ottawa 67's and the 10th place Belleville Bulls, and most teams having 20 or 21 games left, there is no room for complacency. The 67's only have a 6 point lead on Peterborough and a 9 point lead on Kingston and they play those two teams 7 times. Every game will be critical to protect first place in the Division and second place in the conference.

The team is healthy (knock on wood - Martindale is skating with the team) and playing well together with some key players having career years.

This sure looks a lot better than it did in November with more excitement to come!

See you at the Urbandale Centre on Friday for their game against the Oshawa Generals before they head out on the road for games against Peterborough and Oshawa again.

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